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I vividly remeber when I first met Rebecca Atwood. It was the summer of 2012, and we were seated at a workshop thrown by my beloved Jess Lively in Brooklyn. In those types of environments, everyone tends to engage and participate in varying manners, but Becca was truly all hands on deck. The girl had concrete dreams and she was really ready to make them happen.

And happen they did, with the launch of Rebecca Atwood Designs in March 2013. Now, a year later, to witness all that she has accomplished with her breathtakingly beautiful textiles line- it blows my mind and warms my heart all at the same time. The strides she’s made and success she’s experienced in a brief 12 months is truly noteworthy, and her newest collection  falls right in line with that. I couldn’t let the launch go by without making a mention here and sharing some of the beauty that is Becca’s work. Aren’t these pillows astounding?! I think so (and so does the NY Times!) Bravo, Becca.

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All Photos by Emily Johnston


Just a few things I’m currently loving….

  1. Need to add a simple striped dress and light brown belt to my summer wardrobe.
  2. Samoa popsicles? Just. Stop.
  3. As I begin the decorating process for my new bedroom specifically, I love the idea of pops of neon against a neutral backdrop.
  4. Yellow blooms for spring… yes please! Did you know these flowers belong to the Mimosa family?
  5. Might as well embrace the lingering winter citrus with a cocktail.

What are you guys loving this month? And by the way, all of these images were pulled from my Pinterest boards! Follow along here.

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Last week was the first period in over three years where I took a random break from this blog. It felt incredible. I didn’t realize how much I was craving a disconnect from this space until I did it. As I’ve alluded to here and there over the past few weeks, life as of late has not been smooth sailing. I’ve had a pretty rough start to the year in my personal life, and everything really came to a head in the last seven days.

In some ways my personal life is front and center on this blog, and in others, hardly at all. I can write a food post or mention products I’m loving and easily gloss over any real life details.  And as much as I want to keep this space authentic, it is first and foremost a professional outlet, and there are also some of life’s details that are just meant to be kept private (at least for me personally). But at the same time, logistically speaking, I’ve made some major changes in my life in the last few weeks that will impact this space.

Towards the beginning of this year, my current relationship came to a close. Because a  relationship involves two people and not just one,  I will not be diving deep into the details here. But frankly, there’s not much to dive into. This was an incredibly sad, but drama free parting of ways. It was two adults recognizing that although there was a lot (and I mean a lot) of good, there wasn’t enough for the long term. Having spent over six years together made that an incredibly hard call to make. I’ve spent the last few months completely engulfed in processing all of it, and am slowly starting to see beyond the clouds. To say I’m deep in a period of self growth would be a  huge understatement.

But the move has happened and things feel brighter. Though I was so sad to leave sweet Williamsburg (and Brooklyn in general) behind, it’s exhilirating to be in Manhattan and in my very own space. And of course the decorating process has me giddy beyond belief. That of course will be well documented here! February was probably one of the bleakest months of my entire life, but March has me feeling hopeful and excited. There are still days where I have a hard time grasping how much my life has changed in the past few months, but then others where it puts a spring in my step.

Though I’m writing all of this, I’m by no means asking for your pity. Breakups are a necessary part of life, and up until this point, I hadn’t had too many major ones. Part of me thinks I was kind of due. As hard as it is, what the experience has taught me (and is still very much teaching me) about myself has been more valuable than I can put into words. As Erin says, in the valleys we really do grow. That phrase could not be more true right now. Things will slowly start to go back to normal this week. I’m excited to break in my new (very tiny) kitchen and really make this place feel like a home.  So lots of good food, design inspiration, and all things spring to come your way shortly. Thanks for hanging with me these past few weeks and months. xo Clara

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It’s no secret around these parts that I’m a bit of a self help junkie. If I’m in a reading rut it’s the first thing I reach for to get my head out of a computer and staring at a book (well… Kindle) instead. I was such a fan of Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly that I was considering reading it again (something I never do), but then I stumbled upon her first book, The Gifts of Imperfection Have you read it? It’s somewhat rocking my world, in the sense that it’s making crystal clear just how deeply I care about other’s opinions and seek other’s approval far before my own. Not an uncommon tendency, but something worth doing a true mental check on when working to make our ownl personal happiness our first priority.  And shouldn’t it be? That’s my main focus as of late!

And on that note, I’m going to rake in as much self indulgence as possible this weekend. Here are a few fun links… see you back here in Monday! xo

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A deodorant detox.

Parmesan Zucchini Fries

I’m not usually one to link to giveaways, but WOW this one from Apartment 34 is killer.

The best no show sport socks.

Love this love letter to New York City.

This popcorn…. OMG.

Perfect products for a tan face.

40 Snacks to Keep at the Office

The perfect baseball cap for summer.

Cuyana is making cluthes!

And NEED this bikini.

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Little does Claire Zinnecker know, I developed a major girl crush years back when I was first introduced to her work via Camille Styles. As someone who posseses zero DIY skills, Claire’s projects always had me wanting to run to Home Depot to snag a 2×4 and bucket of paint (you know… just in case!). The girl’s got serious talent and style not only when it comes to DIY, but for all things interior design and décor. When she officially ventured out on her own, launching Claire Zinnecker Design last fall, I had to get the scoop! Claire was kind enough to share all the details on how she made the jump to self employment, what she did before to build up a client base and prepare for the transition, and the biggest lesson she’s learned thus far in working for herself (hint: it’s a good one). There’s all that and more after the jump…


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