Over the weekend, my friend mentioned some wise words she’d heard in a radio interview with none other than the famous Colombian pop star, Shakira. Shakira shared that one of the keys to her success has been to “obey her instincts.” Definitely more powerful than following one’s instinct, don’t you think? The phrase really resonated with me, and I have an inkling it was weaved into Taylor Tomasi’s thinking when she decided to depart from her position as Creative Director of Moda Operandi and began dabbling in floral arrangements. Hill describes TTH Blooms as “an organic venture that bloomed on its own,” which makes it even more impressive that the business operares without a website, soleley an Instagram feed, and provides floral arrangements for companies like Dior. How’s that for the power of social media?

Granted, Hill was a street style/fashion celebrity before, so naturally that helped move exposure for her floral business along. But her approach really gets at one of my core beliefs- that being, if you produce quality and tasteful (emphasis on the word taste) work consistently, only good things can come. A mildly loose interpretation of the word good and a solid dose of patience is required, but I really do believe this statement to be true. Not just for Ms. Hill, but anyone who dabbles in creative work. It’s a notion that not only keeps me going, but really pushes me to explore projects and paths that don’t always have a clear purpose/meaning at the outset.

Now aren’t these flowers drop dead gorgeous? And to think the world needed another flower arrangement… but we did, we totally did.

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Top photo by Diego Zuko for Elle Décor, remaining photos from TTH Blooms Instagram


Nothing makes my heart sing like good branding. Perfectly executed and consistently operating with the highest level of taste? It’s no easy task. And yet again and again, Cuyana hits the mark, and this time hand in hand with Real Simple. It was such a treat getting to preview their collection at the James Hotel earlier this week! All the pieces are now available online. I’ve got my eye on the black shift dress in silk and the accent bar necklace in rose gold. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a summery date night with some embellished sandals? Swoon!

cuyana-9 cuyana-4a cuyana-5a cuyana-3a cuyana-10a


Friends! It’s been a while. How are things? Things are good on my end. It felt really invigorating to take a break from this space. The industry is changing (oh yes, that’s for sure), and it’s got my thinking, dreaming, and scheming on what I blogging will mean for me moving forward. I’m considering new content forms, leaning into more pieces like this, and a mix of other concepts. Super, super exciting stuff. That said, I’ve been an absolute busy bee on the Insta. Here’s a highligt reel below, and you can follow along on the regular right here.

1. Wedding season! It’s upon us. We’re in the thick of it. And I’ve got some really amazing gal pals tying the knot in the next few weeks. The dress pictured above will serve as a dress for a black tie wedding, and then my bridesmaid dress for another wedding. So much love for my bestie who let us pick our own dresses!

2. Spring! It’s here! And everyone is out and about, sipping and snacking, all over this glorious city. I’m doing my best to soak it all in before it hits 95° and smells like hot garbage 24/7. That’s real (NYC) life.

3. My sweet friend bought me flowers this week to celebrate a workshop I completed. Nothing is better than flowers, especially when they’re unexpected…. am I right? Note to self: buy more blooms for the fab people in my life.

4. My standard grocery haul as of late. In other news, I’m starting a grocery store catered to 28 year old females that only sells kale, almond butter, Greek yogurt, and rosé. Perhaps some dark chocolate with seas salt, too. #officiallyfoundmypurposeinlife

5. Cocktail time and playing with VSCO CAM. This was taken at Post Office, one of my fave drinks spots in Williamsburg. Get a run down of all my favorite places in that neighborhood here & here!

6. Had so much fun party-ing it up rooftop style with Real Simple Lifestylers the other week. Stay tuned for a little feature on that in the next few weeks.

7. Caaaake. OMG. CAKE. Hitha, Victoria, Grace, Becca, and I did some serious damage to this puppy. Nothing like a stellar night with girlfriends chock full of shrimp tacos, gauc, rosé, and oh yeah, cake.

8. I’ve been getting my workout on, on the regular, and it feels phenomenal. Question: Any fitness brands you guys are particularly loving right now? I’m feeling a little Lulu’ed out. Would love your recs!

9. And more girl time! This time to celebrate the incredible joint collection from Cuyana and Real Simple. I’m an absolute Cuyana junkie and will definitely be snagging this dress and this necklace from the collection.

Thanks for hanging with me while I was gone. More to come real soon! xx


A few months back my dear friend, Jess Lively, launched an incredible podcast centered around adding a little extra intention to your everyday.  It’s been so exciting to watch the show grow over the last few months, and as always with everything this girl does- I couldn’t be more proud. A few weeks back she asked me to share my story around  my struggles with anxiety and how it related to recent life events.  I was admittedly a little nervous, but knew deep down it would be a really good thing for me to do. I find whenever a blogger or online personality I admire really opens up, I gain so much. So in the hopes of helping others, I decided to be brave and share my story. Huge thanks to Jess for having me! You can head to her site to have a listen if you’d like.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! How glorious is this weather? xo

Image by Bryce Covey