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I vividly remeber when I first met Rebecca Atwood. It was the summer of 2012, and we were seated at a workshop thrown by my beloved Jess Lively in Brooklyn. In those types of environments, everyone tends to engage and participate in varying manners, but Becca was truly all hands on deck. The girl had concrete dreams and she was really ready to make them happen.

And happen they did, with the launch of Rebecca Atwood Designs in March 2013. Now, a year later, to witness all that she has accomplished with her breathtakingly beautiful textiles line- it blows my mind and warms my heart all at the same time. The strides she’s made and success she’s experienced in a brief 12 months is truly noteworthy, and her newest collection  falls right in line with that. I couldn’t let the launch go by without making a mention here and sharing some of the beauty that is Becca’s work. Aren’t these pillows astounding?! I think so (and so does the NY Times!) Bravo, Becca.

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All Photos by Emily Johnston

  1. I love love love these pillows! I follow her on Instagram (I’m 99% sure I found her through you), and really enjoy the process pictures and these gorgeous final product photos. Seriously, I will find a way to add these to my wedding registry!

    • That’s so nice to hear!

      When we got married we used myregistry.com as it allowed us to choose independent designers which we really liked. Thank you so much for your support!

  2. Aw Clara thank you so much! Gosh that workshop with Jess feels like a long time ago in a lot of ways. It’s so funny because when I signed up for the workshop I really hadn’t thought about having my own line…I was thinking maybe expanding my blog, and starting a print shop for my artwork. But even just signing up for the workshop got me thinking about what I could be doing. I really appreciate your support! It’s been a crazy year.

  3. Such an inspiration. I love reading about Rebecca from all of her friends’ perspectives. :)… this also inspires the entrepreneur in me! I’m looking to launch some products and grow my site a lot in 2014. Seeing someone do this in a year is such an inspiration. I know it takes a lot of work (especially behind the scenes), but regardless… I’m sure it’s more than worth it.

  4. I absolutely love her designs! Such a wonderful accomplishment and rightfully deserved!

    • Clara

      Aren’t they incredible, Ashley? So cool!

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