A few months back my dear friend, Jess Lively, launched an incredible podcast centered around adding a little extra intention to your everyday.  It’s been so exciting to watch the show grow over the last few months, and as always with everything this girl does- I couldn’t be more proud. A few weeks back she asked me to share my story around  my struggles with anxiety and how it related to recent life events.  I was admittedly a little nervous, but knew deep down it would be a really good thing for me to do. I find whenever a blogger or online personality I admire really opens up, I gain so much. So in the hopes of helping others, I decided to be brave and share my story. Huge thanks to Jess for having me! You can head to her site to have a listen if you’d like.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! How glorious is this weather? xo

Image by Bryce Covey

  1. I absolutely loved your podcast! Thanks for being so honest and telling your story — it has truly inspired me.

    • Clara

      You’re so welcome, Tomissa! I’m so touched and honored that it served as inspiration for you.

  2. I didn’t think I could love you more than I already did, but I dooooo! Thank you so much for sharing your story - I feel like you’re going to help a whole lot of women who are suffering in silence and just can’t put their finger on it. You are just the greatest! I’m so inspired by you, your strength and your wisdom


    • Clara

      Aaaaw you’re so sweet! I have so much love for you, too :) Thanks for the support. Mean so so much. xo

  3. You are such an inspiring young woman, Clara. Your blog is constantly filled with wonderful articles, and your writing is so eloquent. This is always the first blog I look at during the day, and I have no doubt you will continue to go further and further. Thank you for creating something so wonderful to share with the world x

    • Clara

      Wow, Sophie, thank you so much. Your words mean more than you can imagine- really appreciate you taking the time to coment!

  4. Thank you so much for being on the show, Clara! I appreciated it so much - as did the listeners! Thank you, thank you for being so honest, so you, so lovely.

    • Clara

      Love you :) xo

  5. Thank you so much for telling your story - it was so familiar, and so comforting! I went through a remarkably similar experience with therapy and anxiety and ultimately ending my long term relationship within the last 6 months, and from that perspective, I so appreciate your willingness to talk about the messy parts, and so eloquently. For me, deciding to go to therapy was amazingly empowering and the right choice in a thousand ways - but regardless of whether or not that’s the right choice for others, it’s so admirable that you’re willing to share your experiences so candidly and gracefully in a public forum where others can benefit from your wisdom.

    • Clara

      Michelle- I’m so glad the podcast was of help! It was certainly intimidating to share that personal information, but the ability to (hopefully) be able to help so many people was what drove me to do it. Really appreciate you taking the time to let me know it was helpful. xx

  6. La Torontoise

    Clara, I have a close friend going through a similar process right now. After listening to your story I passed it onto her and the effect was significant. It was like she was hearing about her own feelings while listening to your voice. Thank you for sharing! It was so touching.
    I admire your sense of integrity.
    All the best on your self-discovery journey!

  7. Tricia

    Clara, thank you for sharing your story; I can relate in so many ways. I literally had chills at some points listening to you describe certain thoughts or feelings that I’ve experienced! While I’m still working out if my relationship can or cannot work, I really appreciated your honesty and willingness to share something so personal to help others like myself feel less alone. Thank you.

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