Friends! It’s been a while. How are things? Things are good on my end. It felt really invigorating to take a break from this space. The industry is changing (oh yes, that’s for sure), and it’s got my thinking, dreaming, and scheming on what I blogging will mean for me moving forward. I’m considering new content forms, leaning into more pieces like this, and a mix of other concepts. Super, super exciting stuff. That said, I’ve been an absolute busy bee on the Insta. Here’s a highligt reel below, and you can follow along on the regular right here.

1. Wedding season! It’s upon us. We’re in the thick of it. And I’ve got some really amazing gal pals tying the knot in the next few weeks. The dress pictured above will serve as a dress for a black tie wedding, and then my bridesmaid dress for another wedding. So much love for my bestie who let us pick our own dresses!

2. Spring! It’s here! And everyone is out and about, sipping and snacking, all over this glorious city. I’m doing my best to soak it all in before it hits 95° and smells like hot garbage 24/7. That’s real (NYC) life.

3. My sweet friend bought me flowers this week to celebrate a workshop I completed. Nothing is better than flowers, especially when they’re unexpected…. am I right? Note to self: buy more blooms for the fab people in my life.

4. My standard grocery haul as of late. In other news, I’m starting a grocery store catered to 28 year old females that only sells kale, almond butter, Greek yogurt, and rosé. Perhaps some dark chocolate with seas salt, too. #officiallyfoundmypurposeinlife

5. Cocktail time and playing with VSCO CAM. This was taken at Post Office, one of my fave drinks spots in Williamsburg. Get a run down of all my favorite places in that neighborhood here & here!

6. Had so much fun party-ing it up rooftop style with Real Simple Lifestylers the other week. Stay tuned for a little feature on that in the next few weeks.

7. Caaaake. OMG. CAKE. Hitha, Victoria, Grace, Becca, and I did some serious damage to this puppy. Nothing like a stellar night with girlfriends chock full of shrimp tacos, gauc, rosé, and oh yeah, cake.

8. I’ve been getting my workout on, on the regular, and it feels phenomenal. Question: Any fitness brands you guys are particularly loving right now? I’m feeling a little Lulu’ed out. Would love your recs!

9. And more girl time! This time to celebrate the incredible joint collection from Cuyana and Real Simple. I’m an absolute Cuyana junkie and will definitely be snagging this dress and this necklace from the collection.

Thanks for hanging with me while I was gone. More to come real soon! xx

  1. Andrea L.

    First of all love your blog and so desperately wish I lived in the city. Live outside of Boston and in terms of Fitness Gear - I work for Puma Corporate and we have some fantasic workout gear for women right now. Cute and comfortable.

    • Clara

      Hi Andrea! Thanks so much! So touched you love my blog. If you’re ever in the city definitely give a holler and we can grab a drink :) xx

  2. You’ve been busy, but in all the right ways!
    As for a fitness/workout brand rec- try Beyond Yoga. I’m Lulu’s out myself and have just ordered a couple of pieces from them. Made in good ol’ LA, too.

    • Clara

      Oooh never heard of that brand! Will def give it a try. Thanks!

  3. Elizabeth

    I love the Zella line at Nordstrom. I’d say it’s Lulu quality (when Lulu hits the mark) with a lower pricetag. I always get compliments on my Zella items!

    • Clara

      Awesome! Checking it out stat.

  4. OLD NAVY FTW with regards to workout clothes. Great quality, design, and price. I can’t get enough.

    • Clara

      Ha… I totally forgot about them! Clearly all those branded blog posts are not wokring on me….

    • Clara

      Oh I LOVE Gap Fit, too. Good reminder!

  5. sarah

    Athleta for workout clothes!

  6. Was checking my feed to see if anything new was up- this is the space I come to for inspiration and a dose of pretty + yummy! Great to have you back. And I saw the cake on Instagram and was reminded of how my girlfriends and I used to have cake and Gossip Girl marathons! Cake is always good. And when it’s with girlfriends, even better 😀

  7. Someone else just mentioned this, but Athleta is my new favorite! I can’t believe it took me this long to find them, or give them a try, but their clothes seem fit more flattering for women who aren’t, you know, a size 0. And they are incredibly comfortable. I just recently bought a handful of long sleeve tops that are thin and their La Viva pant (in tall for me!) are so great for running around.

    • Clara

      I’ve known about Athleta for years but never truly, truly checked them out. Ya’ll are making me realize I have to! Thanks girl. xo

  8. Am delighted you’re back, Clara! I’ve been eagerly checking Channelling Contessa on a daily basis, waiting for your next post! Having just started a blog in recent times, I find you and your blog such an inspiration - it’s authentic yet aspirational, and such a great treat to read. I am so delighted that you’re still blogging - keep up the fabulous work!

  9. Mary

    Hi Clara, I was intrigued by the title of your blog, as I used to love watching the Barefoot Contessa :-) I’ve just pinned your recipe for Brown butter Snockerdoodles and decided to browse the rest of your blog. I’d like to suggest One Tooth as a cure for being Lulu’d out. http://www.onetoothyoga.com

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