If you haven’t discovered the sweet piece of Texas that is A Piece of Toast, then you need to get in the know! I had the pleasure of working with this sisterly blogging duo earlier this summer, and can personally tell you they’re truly some of the sweetest people you’ll ever encounter. A few email exchanges in and I knew I had a new girl crush! Read below to learn how these two balance a full time blog and jobs, strategically share a closet, and discover the eye lash curler they can’t live without:

You guys currently reside in Dallas. Have you always lived there? Where did you grow up?
We grew up in Kansas City, Missouri. Sally went to college in Fort Worth, TX and Molly went to a school in Ohio. We both ended up finding jobs in Dallas after we graduated and we’ve actually been living together for the past two years! 

Even in this highly saturated blog world, the concept of running a blog with your sibling feels so novel. How did you guys come up with the idea?
We talk to each other at least 3-5 times a day and most of the time we communicate it’s so share things we’ve seen that we love, inspiration that we’ve been churning over in our heads, or catch up on general thoughts and life stuff. We come from a creative family and have always loved beautiful things, so we thought “why not start a blog a a visual scrapbook to store all the stuff we love?” Both of us have similar tastes and there’s no one we trust more than each other so it was a no-brainer for us to venture into the blogging work as a sister team. 

We love the aesthetic of A Piece of Toast, from the actual blog design to your imagery. How did you guys come up with the design?
Thank you so much!! When we were first conceptualizing the blog back in November of 2010 we had an aesthetic in mind that we knew we wanted to follow… It’s nothing we wrote down but more of a standard we always wanted our content to live up to. Originally, Molly created the logo and worked on the layout - but we worked with a great graphic designer and web developer at the beginning of 2013 to formally “brand” the site and re-design the layout. We love clean, un-fussy graphics and we’re really happy with how it turned out!

Not only do you guys run a blog full time, you work full time! How do you balance the demands of both?
Haha - the million dollar question! Writing daily blog posts has become second nature… What’s truly demanding is the time we spend responding to emails, working on collaborations, creating original content, etc. We’re SO lucky that we have so many incredible opportunities offered that it doesn’t feel like work and we both really, really enjoy our careers as well. We make time to do the blog before and after work, things slip through the cracks (often!), and it’s not as balanced as it seems but so far so good :) 

Ok… how do go about sharing a closet?
Very easily. We each have our own closets but we’re the same size in everything and we are good about sharing pieces. As long as you take care of each other’s things, return them back cleaned, and respect boundaries (shoes, jeans, and never-before-worn items are no-no’s) it’s smooth sailing.

What’s your morning routine like?
Snooze our alarms a few times, rise, shower, eat breakfast while watching the Today Show and finalizing blog posts, get dressed and ready, and get out the door!

How do you decompress? Sweatpants afterwork - always. Bravo TV and couch time and reading before bed.

Three products you can’t live without: Tarte’s lash curler, Ray-Ban aviators, and  nail polish (in lots of colors)!

TV Addictions: Bravo everything, Kardashian anything, Law & Order: SVU, The Bachelor/Bachelorette, and Revenge.

Your favorite part of summer in Texas: Pool time - it’s the only way to be outside comfortably!

Something about you most people wouldn’t realize or know: We’re 15 months apart and Sally is older. Molly has never colored or highlighted her hair. Sometimes we fight but we get over things quickly. We never pass on desert and sometimes we eat it for breakfast :)

Thanks so much, girls! Texas has definitely stolen a piece of this East Coaster’s heart.

  1. I love these two ladies and their gorgeous space on the interwebs! Love that you featured them - I definitely share in the girl crush.

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