The Fourth of July is just an all-around great holiday. In fact, I can’t really think of a bad thing about it. Well, okay, I admit the fireworks make my normally fearless dog turn into a pile of nerves. Naturally he likes to to take his stress out by standing as close as possible to the nearest human being, and panting like there’s no tomorrow. For me, though, the holiday means relaxing in the summer sunshine with icy drinks, and an evening of friends and fireworks.

A clambake themed get-together is a twist on the expected Independence Day gathering, perhaps, but I can’t think of anything more all-American. Clambakes bring to mind images of New England beaches and seafood fresh from the ocean. Of course, you don’t have to be near a beach to channel the clambake theme. You don’t even particularly need to love seafood! The menu is fully customizable to suit your tastes. You could switch out clams for lobster rolls, or sub in some roasted farmer’s market veggies. Here are some East Coast favorites to get you thinking. Just be sure to serve shortcake with berries for dessert! With that, I wish each and every one of you a truly relaxing holiday spent with laughter and great company. xx.


1. glass lanterns, 2. basket, 3. plates, 4. straws,  5. napkins

Image credits: clam bake, rosemary gin fizz, shortcake, lobster rolls

  1. Love the idea of hosting a summer clam bake. Thinking about it just makes me happy!

    I recently discovered your blog, it is really great. I live here in NYC and am thinking about attending the meet-up on July 18th, look forward to getting the update!


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