I was at my friend AB’s apartment last week. I’d texted her from France that I had a bottle of rosé with her name on it, so Thursday I went over toting wine and a slew of other goodies to make dinner. A big salad, a hunk of cheese, a delicate pile of proscuitto. It doesn’t get much better. OH WAIT, except it does, because Read more »


A few months back my friend Emily mentioned she was going to Paris in May. Travel abroad was big on my list for 2015, and even though I’d just gone to Paris last October, I decided it was worth making the trip again. Why? For two main reasons: one, if I had to make a list of people I wanted to travel to Paris with in this lifetime, Emily would be at the top. Two, because can you ever really go to Paris too much? The answer is no. Always no.

I wanted to make the trip a longer one though, a solid nine or ten days, but I didn’t want to spend all that time actually in Paris. Living in a big city makes me not want to vacation in a big city. I wanted countryside. Open spaces. A home that was larger than 350 square feet. Counterspace. The ability to DRIVE places. And quiet. I really, really wanted Read more »