I was first introduced to Lulu & Georgia through my wildly talented graphic designer, Erika. I always had a thing for their beautiful aesthetic, so when the time came to outfit my new apartment, I knew I had to weave in a few things from their gorgeous products! One of the things I love most about the online shop is the breadth and depth of their selection. You can find everything from rich rugs to beautifully scented candlesfun office accessories for your home, and more…

I’ve always had a thing for their mirrors, so I started there, and settled on this stunning Rusted Wheel Mirror. It really brings my entire bedroom together- and also makes it feel about 10 times larger. Key!


I then honed in on the details. I’m not one for a ton of accessories, but I really fell for L&G’s Wishbone Ring Holder and Make a Wish Bauble. The first is sweet but functional, serving as a spot to collect the jewelry normally strewn all over my dresser. And the second brings a little character to my window sill. Isn’t it darling? And lastly, their Oceano candle. It has such a soothing scent, perfect for lighting while I’m reading in bed and getting ready to turn in for the day.


Now here’s the most exciting part friends- L&G is offering 20% off to Clara Persis readers for the next WEEK with the code “CLARAPERSIS20.” I’ve got my eye on this gorgeous rug for my living room and a handful of their fun prints. What would you guys choose? Do tell, and remember you have until Wednesday June 4th to take advantage of the code. Happy shopping!


Photographs by Lydia Hudgens. Huge thanks to Lulu & Georgia for providing me with all these pieces. They’re a brand I truly love, and I’m thrilled to support them through my site!


And now on to my bathroom! One of the first things that sold me on my new apartment was the bathroom. The fact that it has a window and its fixtures aren’t still sporting mildew from 1982 is HUGE. When selecting bathroom items from Serena & Lily, I was really focused on adding elements that served to compliment the white subway tile walls and marble floor. I wanted it to be as light and bright as possible.

The Fouta Bath Towels and hand towels served as my foundation, reflecting soft hues of sky blue and grey. What I love most about these towels is one side is soft cotton, and the other terry cloth, making them luxurious but light and thus quick drying. Key for small spaces! From there I added in the Feather Shower Curtain in Aqua to give a beachy feel and provide a stronger contrast to the stark white walls. I kept it simple with the washcloths and bathmat, keeping them both in white. I love the weight and richness of the fabric for both of these items. And lastly, I rounded the space out with one of S&L’s gorgeous baskets to store towels. Isn’t it lovely?!

A huge thanks to Serena & Lily for providing me with all the gorgeous items for this post. Be sure to check out their other gorgeous products in bedding, furniture, and décor!

All photographs by Lydia Hudgens.


I’m thrilled to finally share some pics of my new home! When embarking upon the decorating process, it was important to me that I be highly intentional with every piece that went into the space for two key reasons. One, I’m working with a whopping 350 square feet (helloooo NYC!), and two, to create a completely serene haven. As someone who struggles with sleep, creating a calm space was especially key for the bedroom. I’m a big believer in all white bedding, not only to create a soothing environment but also an instantly clean look. I fell head over heals for Crane & Canopy’s luxurious 400 thread count Linden Gray Border Bedding made with XL staple cotton. It provides that cleansing blast of white but with a hint of gray detail that really pulls together the entire look of my room. I love how it complements my headboard and bedside table lamps. That said, when choosing my bedding, I was also really drawn to the coral border bedding- that pop of color would have been just as lovely!

One of the things that impressed me most about Crane & Canopy was the quality of their product. From the actual fabric to the invisible zipper closure, their bedding is so well made. And then given the price in comparison to the rest of the bedding market? An absolute steal. They’re most definitely a company I can get behind! Huge thanks to their founder Karin for so generously sending me some lovely items for my new home. Be sure to check their site for all the other amazing collections!


All photographs by Lydia Hudgens


Over the weekend, my friend mentioned some wise words she’d heard in a radio interview with none other than the famous Colombian pop star, Shakira. Shakira shared that one of the keys to her success has been to “obey her instincts.” Definitely more powerful than following one’s instinct, don’t you think? The phrase really resonated with me, and I have an inkling it was weaved into Taylor Tomasi’s thinking when she decided to depart from her position as Creative Director of Moda Operandi and began dabbling in floral arrangements. Hill describes TTH Blooms as “an organic venture that bloomed on its own,” which makes it even more impressive that the business operares without a website, soleley an Instagram feed, and provides floral arrangements for companies like Dior. How’s that for the power of social media?

Granted, Hill was a street style/fashion celebrity before, so naturally that helped move exposure for her floral business along. But her approach really gets at one of my core beliefs- that being, if you produce quality and tasteful (emphasis on the word taste) work consistently, only good things can come. A mildly loose interpretation of the word good and a solid dose of patience is required, but I really do believe this statement to be true. Not just for Ms. Hill, but anyone who dabbles in creative work. It’s a notion that not only keeps me going, but really pushes me to explore projects and paths that don’t always have a clear purpose/meaning at the outset.

Now aren’t these flowers drop dead gorgeous? And to think the world needed another flower arrangement… but we did, we totally did.

Screen Shot 2014-05-18 at 9.41.32 PM 3b607ccda70e2bebea99f4ba30e6233b f84e33a28ef0e4b00dee740c0f31004d e15a2dd6eeb0e797c9fd18dd1fadffc2 Screen-Shot-2014-05-18-at-9.59

Top photo by Diego Zuko for Elle Décor, remaining photos from TTH Blooms Instagram


Nothing makes my heart sing like good branding. Perfectly executed and consistently operating with the highest level of taste? It’s no easy task. And yet again and again, Cuyana hits the mark, and this time hand in hand with Real Simple. It was such a treat getting to preview their collection at the James Hotel earlier this week! All the pieces are now available online. I’ve got my eye on the black shift dress in silk and the accent bar necklace in rose gold. Wouldn’t they be perfect for a summery date night with some embellished sandals? Swoon!

cuyana-9 cuyana-4a cuyana-5a cuyana-3a cuyana-10a