And now on to my bathroom! One of the first things that sold me on my new apartment was the bathroom. The fact that it has a window and its fixtures aren’t still sporting mildew from 1982 is HUGE. When selecting bathroom items from Serena & Lily, I was really focused on adding elements that served to compliment the white subway tile walls and marble floor. I wanted it to be as light and bright as possible.

The Fouta Bath Towels and hand towels served as my foundation, reflecting soft hues of sky blue and grey. What I love most about these towels is one side is soft cotton, and the other terry cloth, making them luxurious but light and thus quick drying. Key for small spaces! From there I added in the Feather Shower Curtain in Aqua to give a beachy feel and provide a stronger contrast to the stark white walls. I kept it simple with the washcloths and bathmat, keeping them both in white. I love the weight and richness of the fabric for both of these items. And lastly, I rounded the space out with one of S&L’s gorgeous baskets to store towels. Isn’t it lovely?!

A huge thanks to Serena & Lily for providing me with all the gorgeous items for this post. Be sure to check out their other gorgeous products in bedding, furniture, and décor!

All photographs by Lydia Hudgens.

  1. Caitlin

    I love Serena & Lily! How beautifully the shower curtain compliments your bathroom without being overbearing. You’re so lucky to have a newly tiled bathroom in NYC

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