I’m thrilled to finally share some pics of my new home! When embarking upon the decorating process, it was important to me that I be highly intentional with every piece that went into the space for two key reasons. One, I’m working with a whopping 350 square feet (helloooo NYC!), and two, to create a completely serene haven. As someone who struggles with sleep, creating a calm space was especially key for the bedroom. I’m a big believer in all white bedding, not only to create a soothing environment but also an instantly clean look. I fell head over heals for Crane & Canopy’s luxurious 400 thread count Linden Gray Border Bedding made with XL staple cotton. It provides that cleansing blast of white but with a hint of gray detail that really pulls together the entire look of my room. I love how it complements my headboard and bedside table lamps. That said, when choosing my bedding, I was also really drawn to the coral border bedding- that pop of color would have been just as lovely!

One of the things that impressed me most about Crane & Canopy was the quality of their product. From the actual fabric to the invisible zipper closure, their bedding is so well made. And then given the price in comparison to the rest of the bedding market? An absolute steal. They’re most definitely a company I can get behind! Huge thanks to their founder Karin for so generously sending me some lovely items for my new home. Be sure to check their site for all the other amazing collections!


All photographs by Lydia Hudgens

  1. jon

    What great taste you have in cloths and home furnishings … which I consider art. Love reading your posts. Best. Jon

  2. I love the headboard! I’ve purchased a brand new bed, but have been waiting on selecting a headboard since I haven’t found anything that tickles my fancy just yet. Your bedroom looks so tranquil!

    And I am right with you on decorating a super small NYC space. It’s a challenge, but I love how it forces me to be intentional with every item that I select.

  3. Wow, I love it! It looks so beautiful.

  4. You definitely did a fantastic job here! I adore the bedding-it looks so cozy! :)

  5. I love your bedroom! There’s so much light (I live in windowless NYC bedroom)! Loving the headboard :)

    xx Kelsey

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