Oh haaaayyy, Friday. How are you guys? I just got back from a week of visiting family in Santa Fe. My dad’s side of the family lives out there, and because of that I’ve spent my fair share of time in New Mexico. This visit was particularly wonderful due to all the recent rain they’ve had; the landscape is so lush right now. There were points when driving on the highway where the mountains were covered in such rich greenery, it was hard to believe we were in the desert. And then the way in which the bright florals and vegetation wrapped around the darling adobe homes? Breathtaking. I can’t stop staring at that photo above!

As wonderful as it was to be in such open surroundings, I couldn’t be happier to be back in the city. Remember that bit about basics and routine? It’s my lifeline right now, and travel does make that more of a challenge. I’m so looking forward to a weekend of catching up on work, hitting the farmer’s market, and filling my body with endorphins. Hope yours is just as wonderful! xx Clara

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  1. I definitely get that feeling of wanting to get back home. Even though NYC is crazy busy sometimes… it’s still home, ya know? What’s your favorite farmers market in NYC?

    • Clara

      Totally! As backwards as it sounds, I felt a wave a relief wash over me once we landed yesterday… and even more so when I got the cab line and was surrounded by a sea of yellow. I love the USQ market because of the variety. That’s my go to! xo

  2. Beautiful photographs! Makes the desert look so inviting. But you’re right, there’s no place like home. We recently relocated back to our hometown in Washington state from New Hampshire. New England was gorgeous of course and has its own special unique qualities. But…home is home and we are pleased to be back. :)

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