Over the summer I shared part one of my Williamsburg food guide. I’m so thrilled to release part two today. That would make 20 restaurants in total worth visiting in my neighborhood! Yeah… we’re a little bit spoiled. But let’s get to it- I’ve walked you through the 10 restaurants highlighted above after the jump. First though I want to give a shout out to the amazing Asia Pietrzyk who made all the amazing illustrations for this series. Aren’t they just the most darling things you’ve ever seen?! Asia lives in Stockholm and has some other really incredible work- definitely check her out. I loved working with her!

Café Colette Café Colette ranks as probably my favorite brunch spot in Williamsburg. I love the sweet little tables and interior bar, and these people make a mean bloody mary. All the food’s good but I specifically love the breakfast sandwich, Grilled Fish Tacos, and Fried Chicken and Chicory Salad. As obsessed as I am with their brunch- they’re really great for any meal.

Hotel Delmano Oooh how I heart this spot. Such a cool interior bar making for the best atmosphere. They actually limit the number of people who can come in so the space doesn’t feel over crowded- something I really like. Hotel Delmano is where I discovered my beloved drink, the Michelada. They make a really really good one, but their cocktails in general are phenomenal. Get a few drinks and order the fresh ricotta with olive oil and thyme to go with- so good!

Bakeri This place takes the cake for most adorable joint in Williamsburg. As the name suggests it’s a sweet little bakery with delicious coffee, baked goods, and sandwiches. They have a beautiful garden in the back (see photo below) so go on a pretty day if you can. I can’t pass up a pain au chocolat every time I visit.

St. Anslem St. Anslem is your traditional steakhouse turned up a notch. A big notch. It’s owned by the same couple who own Fette Sau (more on that below). They know their meat! I love that all the meat is locally sourced and antiobotic/hormone free. I’m not a huge steak eater, but this is definitely the joint to go when you’re craving a simple but beautifully prepared steak with killer sides. The wait can be long so put your name in and hop next door to Spuyten Duyvil (also owned by the same people) and grab a craft beer and some charcuterie while you wait.

Best Pizza Such a funny name, and while I don’t know if their pizza is necessarily “the best” since I love so many different kinds of cheesy pie, I really love their pies. The menu is simple, and their salads are surprisingly good. We like to come on a casual night when we’re feeling lazy and want some comfort food. I really love their white pizza.

Saltie The name of this spot has stolen my heart, but the food good is really good, too. They serve mostly sandwiches, a few salads, and a handful of beautiful baked goods. Like the kind of baked goods your grandmother would make- simple but so artfully prepared. The sandwiches are really inventive- my favorite is the “Scuttlebutt”- hard boiled egg, feta, capers, pickled vegetables, and pimenton aioli on homemade focaccia. Yum!

Fette Sau Get ready to get your BBQ on! And eat some of the best in NYC. I love the homey feeling of this spot, and the fact that it’s all about the food. The restaurant has a huge counter where you can view all their meats and sides. They pile your order on a massive tray and then you enjoy it at big picnic tables. It’s an awesome spot to enjoy a casual feast with a big group of friends. The menu changes daily but if they have the Berkshire Belly- get it!

Bedford Cheese Shop  This isn’t exactly a restaurant, but I had to include it. I’m in love with our neighborhood cheese shop. It’s got an amazing selection of cheeses, breads, charcuterie, olives, and all sorts of other specialty food goodies. Grab a few cheeses, bread, some dried sausage, and olives and head to the Williamsburg Waterfront for a little picnic. They’ve also got a cool event space where you can take classes in Manhattan.

Radegast Hall & Biergarten I’m not a huge beer drinker, but I love the atmosphere of this big beer hall- it’s definitely a not to miss Williamsburg spot if you do love beer. Sit at one of the big communal tables in the main hall if you can, and get a few of their massive pretzels to nosh on while you slurp down some beers.

Toby’s Estate Coffee I’m dubbing this the most beautiful coffee shop ever. I love working here. The space is big, has really tall ceilings, and a whole wall of windows, which let in a ton of light. The coffee is delicious, along with their baked goods (definitely get the sea salt caramel macaroons if they have them). Bring a book or your laptop and settle in for a productive afternoon!

And there you have it. All the restaurants and their addresses are listed below. I hope you guys have enjoyed this series. Definitely let me know if you make it (or have made it) to any of these places!

All illustrations by Asia Pietrzyk for Channeling Contessa

  1. I’m not that familiar with this neighborhood in Brooklyn, but my husband is a native. He still boasts that the finest people on the planet come from Brooklyn! The places you’ve shown make me want to take a day trip and check out the neighborhood!

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