Can we real talk for a second, guys? I have to admit… it’s been a rough few weeks. I have a few behind the scenes life things going on that are making the day to day of normal life really hard. I’m not quite in a place yet where I can share much beyond that (hopefully soon, though). In some ways blogging has been a helpful because it drives me to focus on the positive, and in other ways it’s been incredibly hard (especially since this was one of my blogging goals for the year). But I wanted to at least make mention of the fact that life has been less than cheery as of late in order to keep this space authentic. I say this not to complain, but simply to remind you that if you’re facing a wintery rough patch, too, know (really know) you’re not alone.

The most powerful thing these last few weeks have taught me is that we as humans can really withstand a lot. Life may feel so terribly impossible at times, but it does, often very slowly, get better. So wherever you are and whatever you’re facing right now, I hope you’re taking really good care of yourself. Thank you so much for reading this week! Here are a few fun links for your weekend…. xoxo.

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Image Source: Bryce Covey

  1. Oh Clara, I’m so sorry to hear you’re going through something horrid right now. I’ll be thinking about you and praying that your days get a little bit brighter each day. Thanks for letting us all know and keeping us in the loop. You’re supported from far away. :)

  2. Christina

    I’m sorry to hear that your limits are being tested. Not fun. You are so right, though, about humans being able to withstand a lot - sometimes way more than we believe we could ever handle. The past year of my life has been challenging in every way and I have come out of it with that same realization - that I am stronger than I gave myself credit for and that it is in my nature to maintain hope and to always strive for something better. Hang in there!

  3. Sarah

    Clara, I am definitely thinking of you, and I hope whatever it is you’re going through gets resolved soon. xo

  4. Sorry to hear that you’re going through a difficult time, friend! Sending you a big hug and hoping whatever is happening turns around soon. xo

  5. Clara - the best part about winter is the thought that spring is on its way!

    • Clara

      So true! Nice to see you here :)

  6. I’ve been having a rough few weeks, too. So sorry to hear you’re going through the same- it’s so terrible, but at the same time, misery loves company so I appreciate your being authentic.
    I keep telling myself that once Spring finally hits things will start to be better. I’m not sure what this will have to do with anything, but sunshine can’t hurt!
    Have a lovely weekend. :)

    • Clara

      Hi Emily- I’m so glad I could help in some small way, at least to let you know you’re not alone. Misery does love company! And I definitely feel you on spring. On the days it’s sunny even when it’s freezing, I feel infinetely better. Hang in there. xoxo

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