As much as I love color, a black and white palette feels effortlessly refreshing from time to time. I love that it can make a statement, or just as easily be neutral and unassuming. As soon as I saw the linens, pictured below, I knew it reminded me of some artwork I’ve seen recently- the work of Richard Serra and Franz Kline. I love how seemingly simple their work appears, while the small subtleties make such a statement. In a table setting, a black and white palette easily translates into the perfect brunch back drop, as just a few items are needed to look complete. A bright frittata on the black lined platter, a winter citrus salad in the striped bowl, and some hot coffee to fill those cups.

What do you think- would you embrace such a graphic theme? Of course, you could always throw in some cheerful flowers to brighten things up!

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Inspiration: Richard Serra, tulips, tables, Franz Kline

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