I will not, I will not, I will not… talk about this snow! I’m just going to pretend it’s not happening and focus on the sunny skies this Valentine’s Day. If you’re in the V-day dessert making mood, I highly recommend these chocolate dipped macaroons. I’m taking things a little lighter around the office today and focusing on getting my life oragnized and perhaps baking indulging my red velvet addiction and baking some cupcakes. I’ve rounded up a ton of fun links if you’re stuck inside all weekend… here’s to making it perfectly cozy! xx

The Meatball Shop’s Mortadella meatballs recipe. You’re welcome :)

REAL street style captured during New York Fashion Week.

Do you have a signature perfume?

20 tips for prepping fruits and veggies on your cutting board.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “Snow-flakes”

Real life airport missed connections.

Give your morning routine a subtle upgrade with one of these pretty coffee mugs.

Spicy reads that may make you blush on the subway.

The 138th Westminster Dog Show’s most fabulous

Sochi’s most fabulous.

Wine with Asian food? Here’s how to decode pairing.

Map of NYC and London points out best coffee shops per subway location.

Cereal tea DIY. Genius.

How did Mary Todd woo her Valentine Honest Abe? With this “courtin’ cake.”

Hilarious V-day cards that fit your “it’s complicated” relationship.

Image Source: Wool and the Gang

  1. The snow has been crazy… no more words necessary. I’ll be sure to check out the meatballs link!

    + sidebar… I have been loving your site even more than usual lately. I swear you have been in my Friday Favorite Things post nearly every week. Something just seems different since the re-design + I love it. Cheers to you! Hope to see you around again if there is another Business in the City, NYC meet up again.

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