Between instagram and food posts, I barely take any pics of real life these days. I can be really hard to motivate myself lug my Canon around when it’s so easy to take photos with my phone! But yesterday as I was scurrying around the apartment, getting ready to head off to my bestie’s bridal shower, I managed to grab my camera. Then once I got there, I actually took the camera out of my bag! I only snapped a few pics, and practically none of people (except the sweetest baby), but it was such a change from my normal Sunday routine of positioning dishes in my bedroom (has the best light), and hovering over my bed. It felt so nice.

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend…. lots of fun stuff coming up on the blog this week!

IMG_4491IMG_4511IMG_4493 IMG_4521 IMG_4532 IMG_4528 IMG_4538 IMG_4505

  1. LOVE the pink bouquet! The food looked super yummy!!!

  2. Oh man, I am TERRIBLE at taking real pictures these days! My morning tea though? It has been very well documented

  3. I feel the EXACT same way. We celebrated my brother’s birthday yesterday and I actually brought my Canon, but didn’t get it out! Maybe, next time?

  4. Looks like such a beautiful shower! I keep looking at the photos of the food… looks so wholesome and delicious. And you’re right, cutest baby ever!

  5. Ann

    Aw thanks, Clara! These are great! I love the photo of the brides bun, so glad you brought that Cannon! Crazy cute baby, agreed!

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