In all honesty, I was gonna post a salad recipe today. I was! I realize the last three recipes on the blog have been desserts. Tis the season? Tis the season, indeed! I’m going out with a bang with these indoor s’mores, and come the New Year, when everyone’s all focused on being healthy, I’ll bring it on the health front. Consider that a sincere promise from my sugar filled tummy to yours.

Now let’s talk s’mores at home. We have neither a fire place nor a fire pit in our NYC apartment, but we do have a gas stove. Side note, a fire pit would be really weird. Anyway, when I spotted this s’mores kitcomplete with skewers, I knew it would be perfect for making s’mores at home “city style” (aka over our stove). Unfortunately the kit’s sold out, but you could easily grab the same items in your gourmet or specialty food store. The caramel sauce and homemade marshmallows really elevate this dessert! And how fun would it be to gather friends around your stove, taking turns roasting marshmallows and messily inhaling these melty sandwiches? I’d say that’s the easiest but most impressive dessert ever. YUM.


  1. Ooooh - I love s’mores. And love the idea of adding caramel sauce - wonderfully decadent. I was at a restaurant recently where they bring a mini fire to your table so that you can toast your own marshmallows to make your own s’mores with green tea chocolate. Needless to say - I’m pretty smitten.

  2. That kit is the cutest thing I have ever seen! These look so delicious, and a great use of the gas stove (which I have as well and am terrified of, by the way-I grew up with electric so it just freaks me out). I had a frozen s’more from S’mores Bakery at Smorsgasburg over the summer, and it was delicious so I can only imagine how great these melty, warm ones would be.

  3. La TorontoiseNnedkov

    Love this melty stuff and pictures.

    Clara, have a very merry Christmas and a holiday season full of all those things that mean most to you!
    All the best from the South of France.
    P.S. I’m right now in the macarons’ paradise:-) experiencing the season primarily through my stomach; can not imagine a ‘sweeter’ Christmas setting…

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