I’m so excited to share some pictures from Tulum! It was an incredible trip and I’m trying my hardest to hold on to all the relaxing elements of the vacation. You’ll be pleased to know I fulfilled my goal of not bringing my laptop or looking at my email for four whole days! You know what happened when I did venture into my inbox Tuesday morning? Nothing. The world kept spinning and everything was absolutely fine. Forever searing that lesson into my brain!

But back to the trip. So Tulum itself is located about 90 miles south of Cancun. And in comparison to Cancun, it’s the complete opposite. It’s definitely got a strong bohemian chic vibe. The beach itself is quiet and intimate, with small hotels dotting the coast and people lounging or swimming. There were lots of families vacationing, and overall everything felt extremely peaceful. In short, this is not your party version of Mexico- and I loved that.

As I mentioned we stayed at the Ahau Tulum, which is a collection of beachside huts nestled into the sand. I made sure to reserve beachside rooms as I loved being able to walk to and from the room all day, have a little patio where we could enjoy coffee and drinks, and the best part, sleep with our doors wide open so we could hear the sound of the ocean at night. Heaven!

The entire hotel is connected by sand pathways filled with gorgeous vegetation. It felt like the jungle, and I mean- can you beat this view? So cool.


We ate breakfast and lunch at the hotel everyday, and dinner out at the surrounding restaurants (thanks to your recommendations!). I had the same exact thing everyday- scrambled eggs with goat cheese, salsa, avocado, black beans, and tortillas. They also had amazing fresh juices.

Our days consisted of the two photos above. Lots of lounging, lots of lime-y drinks, walks on the beach, happy hour on our little porch, and a dance party in the room one night, naturally. Oh, and endless girl talk (more on the benefits of that tomorrow).

There were a few sweet dogs roaming around the hotel that just added to the whole vibe.

My friend Meredith is one of the chicest people I know. Isn’t her suit and hat amazing?

Aaaand it wouldn’t be a girls beach trip without this typical shot! I love these girls so much and am thrilled we took this trip. The whole experience made me realize how important it is to make and take time for get togethers like this. At the end of the day, friendships like these are one of the most important things in my life. Don’t you agree?

Thanks for letting me share, and here’s to future fabulous girl’s trips! Anyone got one in the works?

  1. nicole

    ok, i’ll take the bait…where on earth did you get that awesome pink bathing suit!? LOVE. your pictures look great…like the perfect place to hide-away for a few days!

  2. Wow! These pictures are stunning. Glad you enjoyed yourself - and I totally agree that friendships are so important. Girls trips are good for the soul. Welcome back :)

  3. What a perfect girls trip!!!! That breakfast is going to haunt me till I recreate it…

  4. Wow! I’m speechless. That sounds and looks like the perfect vacation. I’m freezing and super tired from work today, so I just wish I could be there!!!

  5. Amy

    I’d also love to know about that backless black swimsuit. Beautiful photos!

  6. My goodness these photos are beautiful! And your suit is to die for! I’ve loved the one-piece look lately but haven’t taken the plunge myself.

    • Clara

      It was my first one in years! I think it’s just about finding the right one :)

  7. emily

    this place looks amazing and breathtaking! Im looking into this for a girls birthday trip..do you mind sharing the rooms you had there and if you booked an all exclusive or if everything was separate? Thank you!

    • Clara

      Hi Emily! Yes, we stayed in junior suites on the beach level. We were able to get the rooms side by side which was great. This was not an all inclusive resort, but we found the food and drink to be really good- and really affordable. Hope that helps!

  8. Hmmm, you may have just convinced me to go back to Mexico! The hotel looks a-MAZ-ing — my kind of place, and the shot of the four of you is fabulous!

  9. What a beautiful resort! Being by the sea is so good for the soul - and with the girls - perfect vacation! You hear so many negative things about Mexico, but this makes me give it a second thought.

  10. Gorgeous pics, love your blog! I just returned from 4 days in Cabo for a friend’s 30th birthday, so I can completely relate to the importance of girls trips! So much so that I convinced my college roommates to meet in Punta Cana in January!

    Looks like I’ll have to add Tulum to the list. Thanks for the inspiration!



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  12. Sarah

    I’m headed to Tulum in a month and would love to know what your favorite restaurants were. These beautiful photos just got me so excited for our trip!

    • Clara

      Hi Sarah- this is so exciting! Where are you staying? Our favorite restaurants were Posada Margarita and Hartwood. Definitely email me and we can chat more! [email protected]

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