Morning, friends! I’m just crawling out of bed, now settled on the couch with a hot cup of French roast and some television from the week buzzing in the background. Pure heaven. The birthday celebrations have been flowing around here. Last night I got dinner with girlfriends who made the celebration a bit of a surprise (I love surprises.). Tonight, B and I are getting dinner with old friends at this sweet spot in the West Village. And beyond that, I’ve been extra generous with myself when it comes retail therapy. A little cashmere, some much needed leg warmers, and these pajamas. I’m thinking of throwing in a massage to cap it all off. Good idea, right?

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend… here are a few funs links from the week:

Ordered these holiday cards from Minted- can’t wait to show you guys the final product!

Sarah makes me want to buy a crop top and twirl.

I loved Joy’s piece on getting some fresh air. I’m really feeling the need to do that this holiday season.

Can’t wait to make these flourless pumpkin spice pancakes.

Just started reading Grain Brain and really re-thinking my diet in relation to my mental health….

DIY plaid holiday napkin rings- so cute.

Becca is making pouches! The wave zip pouch is my fave.

Whipped Bourbon Bacon Whipped Sweet Potatoes. OMG.

A Thanksgiving calculator.

Image by Making Today Beautiful

  1. Thank you for mentioned Grain Brain! I am already gluten free because I have celiac disease. But I will be reading this book for sure. I read a little bit about it on his website and it sounds like a great read with lots of info.

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