You know those people you meet in life that you just click with instantly and you think, goodness, how did I not have them as a friend sooner? That is Erin of House of Earnest to me. Erin was a blog friend turned real life friend (meaning we went from tweeting at each other to meeting in person), who I’ve become more and more thankful to have in my life. We grabbed drinks a few months back when she was swinging through NYC, and she shared something very very exciting with me. She was launching an online home furnishings store. But not just launching the store, the girl was designing the products! I was bursting with excitement. Knowing her style and aesthetic, I knew the products would be nothing short of fabulous and unlike anything currently on the market.

And then the site launched and I was even more impressed. In fact I practically fell off my chair. Would you look at these stuff!!! It’s incredible! Those glasses and that delicious white tassel throw will be mine. I can’t even begin to describe my love for the cowhide stool. Head on over to Grandiflora to check out all the products for yourself, and be sure to throw some love Erin’s way by liking Grandiflora’s Facebook page, and following the shop on Instagram and Twitter. We’ve got to support the small guys!

Photos by Allie Lehman

  1. Great write-up Clara! Erin was a pleasure to work with and I am over the moon about the end result. She did an amazing job with the entire package! What a talented designer!

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