Helloooo Friday! I’m so happy you’re here. It’s been a really nice week. I’m psyched you enjoyed Monday’s post on meal planning, and I can’t tell you how excited I am to dive into your laundry list of reading recs this weekend. You guys killed it on that! Seriously, if you need a good book, just head to Tuesday’s post.

I got in good workouts this week making for some really good sleep, which always makes me feel more balanced. There are new projects and collaborations coming into place which is helping me feel grounded heading into the weekend. I’ve been drinking peppermint tea at home which is so good for soothing my stomach after dinner. Pretty much all Brandon and I can talk about these days is our dream home. The closet in this post on Young House Love largely sums up all my hopes and dreams of having a place we can truly make our own. I picked up this marble slab this week and can’t wait to start  using it in food photos. And did you see Joy is starting a new web series? It’s so good!

I’m headed up to the country for the weekend to help my mom pack and clean our house… because she’s moving! This has been a long time coming but it will be a little sad saying goodbye to the place we called home for the last 19 years. But the cool part is that she’ll be doing a complete renovation to her new house and I can’t wait share all the before and after goodness here!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks so much for reading this week. xx

Image Source found via Kendi Everyday (and now I am in love with this blog!)

  1. What a cute picture! That is adorable. I’m excited to hear about what collaborations you have coming up! Hope you have a good weekend and good luck with the move.

  2. Clara - congrats on the exciting projects on the horizon - you deserve it! Your meal planning post was amazing - grabbed a few tips to incorporate into my own routine (especially now that time will be harder to find when our little one arrives in a few weeks!) Good luck w/ the move this weekend - a bit nostalgic, but also an exciting new journey for you all!

  3. You will not regret the marble slab! We bought one for food photos…and to test out if we wanted marble for real in the kitchen. We’re sold for the island.

    PS- Sent you an email!

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