I should start off by saying, this post could go in about a million different directions. Some Fridays it’s hard to succinctly sum up my week in one paragraph and then leave you with a bunch of fun links from around the web. And some Fridays that works perfectly! Truth be told, I have zero links for you today, as I’ve been very much trying to balance work with this for the past week.

At the beginning of the week I was grappling with… some “fear of missing out” anxiety. I knew going into our time on the Cape that I would be missing engagements and events surrounding fashion week. I more so cared about this from a work respective, rather than some pressure to get the first look or be on top of the trends or whatever for upcoming seasons. I’m sooo not on top of trends and could really care less (that’s a whole other post). But nonetheless the anxiety was still there. That fear of missing out is something I struggle with constantly, and often allows me to justify that the “running on a hamster wheel” pace of life is not only normal, but what I need to be doing to succeed.

But then I have week’s like this where I’m able to take a long walk on the beach with my mom, feet filled with seaweed and sand, and talk about all the things we have to look forward to and be thankful for. Or go swimming in the ocean we visited as little kids with my brother and float around like when were young. Or sit around a homemade seafood feast with my family and Brandon and feel like life couldn’t be more complete. Corny, yes. But true? So very true.

I have to credit Victoria’s post on helping me see the light this week (a must read if you haven’t read it yet). Blogging is a wonderful wonderful thing but it can also have some not so great side effects- namely, getting caught up in creating a life worth photographing rather than a life that’s just lived. I’m happy to say I feel like I’ve been mostly living this summer (especially these past few weeks), but I feel I owe you guys a thank you for that. Our content has been a little looser. I’ve been drawn to blogging about what I want to blog about, rather than fitting things into series or more structured posts. As a person who loves structure, I know that’s not always desirable- so thank you for sticking with us. Next week we return to structure (and food!), but I will say some changes are coming.

I feel like bloggers are always saying- changes are coming! I have news! But it’s true. This blog is in the process of getting a whole new look and feel, and a name change, too (which has a lot to do with this post). We’ve still got a few months until the final product is complete, and in the mean time I’ll be looking to you guys for feedback and guidance on what it is you like (and don’t like!) about CC, so I can continue to grow for your benefit. Because at the end of the day, as I’ve said before, none of this would exist without you. All that is to say- expect a survey soon :).

I wasn’t kidding when I said this post was all over the place! Thank you if you’ve made it this far. I’ll leave you with a few more photos of our time of the beach, and I’ll see you back here next week for… Back to School week! It’ll be chock full of sandwich recipes, lunchbox snacks and lots of other goodies to get us in a creative fall spirit. Have a great weekend. xx

  1. Change is good! I say go for what your gut is telling you. I just changed the name of my site after a good year plus of percolating with what it is now. Honestly, I’ve lost traffic but that’s okay. As for anxiety, it’s always the pressure we put on ourselves. Just look at the pics you just posted…what a great life! I tell my best friend all the time….just relax.

    Sorry for the unsolicited advice from the stranger. Can’t wait to see the reinvention.

  2. Just gorgeous, Clara! I’m so glad you got to enjoy this past week at the Cape — much more important than fashion week.

  3. Radha

    This is definately the season of change and reflection. I do this every spring and fall. Good luck with your decisions. So enjoy you here and on twitter. <333

  4. I found myself nodding along to everything in this post. You vocalized a lot of what I’ve been feeling lately! It’s funny how a change of scenery starts to put things into perspective though, doesn’t it?

  5. Your photos make me so homesick!
    Love hearing where you’re at with things and looking forward to catching up when you’re back! xx

  6. What a great post! I have no clue where this summer went. I’m glad that I forced myself to step away from the computer for a few weekends away, but I’ve also realized that jumping headfirst back into a crazy schedule undoes all the relaxation - and then some. I envy your balanced summer, and will be referencing this post to help me create a much more balanced life. Which I need.

  7. Hey Clara- gorgeous pictures of Cape Cod! I grew up in tropical coastal Kerala, which is lovely, but the sea has a different look up in Cape Cod which is just so wide open ans gorgeous. And I think it is good that you are allowing yourself and the blog to loosen up a bit. We’re all human, and everyone needs to rechqrge! So what if you don’t have a link round-up? It’s your openness and relatability (as opposed to a Look At Me I Am Super Blogger Woman persona) that makes you unique. We’ll always love CC!

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