Years ago a co-worker told me that the secret to planning your vacations is to always have the next one planned before you get back from the previous one- even if it’s just a weekend away. I never really realized the wisdom in her words until this week. We’ve thankfully got one more vacation on the books this summer, a family trip  to the Cape at the end of August. When we first got back from Maine, I was worried that another trip would take away from precious time at my desk or even things I still wanted to do in the city this summer. But it’s actually had the complete opposite effect. Even though the Cape will be somewhat of a work-cation, too, my motivation at home has been at an all time high as I work to get as much done as possible before we head out of town once again. As someone who constantly feels like they’ve never done enough by the end of the day, I’ve had very little of that feeling as of late. And I have a sneaking suspicion that if we weren’t going away, I would not be getting this much done. Once again… the importance of time away crops up. This is me actively searing that message into my brain!

We have very little on the books this weekend, a product of wanting to get ahead on work and simply enjoy these dog days of summer on our patio. Given my schedule this week I don’t have two many links for you guys, but I do have a few pressing questions, for which I’d love your feedback!

  • Since we’ve officially decided not to move, I’m really ready to take our home decor to the next level. The first step? Painting! Here’s my question for you- how do you choose a paint brand? Does it completely come down to color? Don’t they all have similar versions of the same color? If it helps I’m on the hunt for a very light and warm grey.
  • Organic beauty products. I’m so invested in the food I’m eating in terms of where it comes from and how it’s produced, and I’m starting to feel like I should give the same attention to my beauty products.  I’m intrigued by Tata Harper, but not sure I can keep up with those price points. I’m also considering One Love Organics. Have you tried either of those brands? Do you have a natural brand you love? And did you notice a difference in your skin when you switched to a more natural skincare regime? Send help!
  • And lastly, tell me something about you! I spend so much time blabbing about my own life, it’s important to me I learn more about yours. Have anything fun planned this weekend? Going away this summer? Are you anxiously awaiting fall? Let’s do this.

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend wherever you are! xx

Image by Kara Rosenlund

  1. Hi Clara, I use an organic skin care line called eminence. It isn’t as pricey as some skincare companies and everything lasts a pretty long time. I purchased the products I’m using now 6 months ago, and still have about 1 month left. ..
    And I use it everyday! Some products twice a day.
    Totally worth the money.
    I love it and I’m happy to report that I get complimented on my skin quite often.
    Green juicing helps too!


    • Clara

      Hi Yoli! Thanks so much for the rec- will definitely check them out. xx

    • Clara

      Hi Jennie-that’s such a good point about the paint colors never looking quite the same as they do in the sample. Our apartment actually does get a ton of natural light, but still, I plan on buying lots of samples and painting swatches :).

  2. Patti

    Boston native here now living in Las Vegas.

    I used Aloof Gray and I love it!

  3. I need to start applying that vacay rule in my life..sounds like a good one for someone like me (I’m like you in that I feel like I need to keep working because I never get enough accomplished!)

    As for skincare, I use a brand called AnneMarie Borlind…It’s made in Germany and it can be a bit hard to find in stores so I always get it online (even on Amazon or ebay). My Mom, Great-Aunt and Grandmother all have used it for years and have amazing skin (my 94 year old grandmother looks like she’s 80, my Mom looks about 15 years younger than she is and my 97 year old Great-Aunt recently passed away but she had no wrinkles on her face). Hope this helps!

    • Clara

      Well if your family isn’t proof enough, I don’t know what is! That’s amazing!

  4. Jen

    For Skin Care I started using Arcona and its amazing….all organic….and I can really see a change. Nordstrom has it so it is easy to find. Good price points for a nice skin care line. Its not cheap but not crazy. Its WORTH it!! Good luck

    • Clara

      Thanks, Jen! I’ll definitely look into them.

  5. kathleen

    This years Consumer Reports winner for paint was Clark & Kensington from Ace Hardware. Durable, washable and great coverage. I also like the previous winner, Benjamin Moore.

  6. OLO!!! LOVE! i especially love the new products by Elizabeth Dehn for OLO. Seriously worth the money and my skin has never felt softer or looked brighter. ED just released a few more products for the line which I can’t wait to get my hands on but the eye cream and the serum are now staples in my routine, which is big for me to say because I am such a product junky!!!!

    • Clara

      You are a product junkie! So glad to hear you like OLO. I just ordered a few samples to try- I’m excited!

    • Loving all these tips on organic skincare!

  7. Benjamin Moore is my go-to paint brand for every project. I have tried different brands, but nothing goes on and looks as nice as Benjamin Moore. It’s a little bit more expensive than some other brands, but the higher quality is very noticeable. I love picking out paint colors - have fun with your project!
    I have been using the Origins skincare line for almost a year now and I LOVE it. Especially the Checks & Balances face wash and the Dr. Andrew Weil skin-correcting serum. It’s made a noticeable difference in my skin texture and complexion. Have a great weekend!

  8. Do try Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics! The cleanser is divine and the vitamin C serum is so moisturizing and lush. Very good ingredients and my skin loves them. Tata Harper also has amazing ingredients.

  9. Emily

    I love reading the Beauty Palette blog- the writer is really in to organic beauty, and just posted about a line called Yuli that I’m hoping to try out. It was priced really well in comparison. I’ve been wanting to try the Tata Harper line, but you’re right- it’s super pricey! Maybe the restorative mask though, at least with masks it lasts longer so you feel like you get more bang for your buck.

    Don’t think I’ve every commented before, but I wanted to say I really enjoy your posts! And how awesome about the Cup of Jo piece! I love reading Joanna’s blog so I was super excited to see that.

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Madison

    I echo what others have said about the Elizabeth Dehn for OLO line. It’s amazing. I especially love the new vitamin B cleanser. Now if it wasn’t so expensive….

  11. Amy

    As a travel lover, I totally subscribe to the philosophy of having the next trip planned. We spent a week in the Catskills in July, 5 days in Montauk last week, and we’re headed to Lake Erie and Niagara Falls soon. I had so much planned that I didn’t realize till I read this that I don’t have anything planned after that! Must hop to it! Enjoy Cape Cod!

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