It’s been a great week. A great one! Nothing in particular happened, it just felt perfectly busy and fun. I’m on the brink of a lot of exhilirating opportunities for work. In the past I would have probably chalked it up to luck, but the truth is I’ve been hustling - hustling in every sense of the word. But it feels so good! And the best part is knowing that when you do work really really hard- good things come eventually. They really do. Here’s what else went down this week…

  • I pretty much inhaled Reconstructing Amelia, thanks to a recommendation from Grace. She was spot on when she said it’s Gone Girl meets Gossip Girl. No great literature, but a really fun read.
  • I loved this list on 7 Sweet Ways to Relish the last days of summer- numbers 1, 3, and 6 are my top priorities.
  • I was so touched by all your responses to this post. If you need some advice or someone to relate to when it comes to dealing with anxiety, don’t miss the comment section.
  • I was practically peeing my pants listening to the Joy the Baker podcast this week- it’s such a great listen if you need something uplifting on your commute or during a long road trip. This week they had some great talk around new TV- Orange is the New Black, Breaking Bad, etc…
  • Speaking of Orange is the New Black- have you guys gotten in on the Netflix craze? We finished the episodes last week, but now I’m considering reading the book- anyone know if it’s good?
  • More reasons why I love you- your responses to my question on organic beauty products were so helpful! I got some samples of the One Love Organics line and am utterly smitten. This stuff smells unreal and feels incredible on my skin. You can get samples of their full line for just $4.95. I so appreciate a company that lets you try before you truly invest.
  • In case you missed it, I was over on vmac + cheese sharing my abridged bio-  you can learn about where I grew up, the best piece of advice I ever heard, and my Broadway themed high school dreams…
  • I’m really loving everything about Food 52 right now- their recipes always stop me in my tracks, especially these Fruit and Spice Lassis for breakfast.
  • Did you see Bon Appétit launched their new site? Looking very blog-esque guys… intriguing.
  • And this is the type of safari I want to go on.

Everyone keeps hinting at fall, and while I love fall (it’s seriously the best in NYC), I’m not ready to let summer go! We’ve got three solid weeks here, so let’s make the most of it! Here’s to a full on summer weekend, thanks so much for reading this week. xx

Image by Jamie Beck

  1. I’ve been looking for a great beach read, have to check out that book, your description has me sold!

  2. How did I not know you were a theater geek? I love Victoria’s new series.
    Will be downloading that book ASAP too. I liked Flynn’s Dark Places a lot more than Gone Girl - the ending had far more *oomph*.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend!

    • Clara

      We’ll have to see a show! And I’m intrigued by Dark Places. I would say I liked but didn’t love Gone Girl… think I should give that one a try? xx

  3. Clara,
    I am an avid reader and cannot wait to order Reconstructing Amelia. I am waiting now for the release of Night Film.
    I have also loved Orange is the New Black series so much I don’t know if the book will ruin it for me or enhance it….It’s a book lover’s problem 😉
    Thank you for giving our samples a try. We appreciate it and are so happy that you like them.
    Warmly, Suzanne

  4. Jill

    The author of the memoir Orange is the New Black was on Fresh Air on NPR the other day — very interesting interview that I’m sure you can hear as a podcast or on their site. It definitely made me want to read the book!

    • Clara

      Ooooh that’s so good to know- thanks Jill!

  5. I just signed up for Netflix and right now I’m totally involved and addicted to “Breaking Bad” but my friend has been telling me to watch “Orange is the new black” so that’s on my list to start watching next!

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