floppy hat, bathing suit (steal), sunglasses, tunic, tote, bracelet, sandals, sunscreen

Isn’t that tiny house by the beach just perfect? It’s in Greece, which is somewhere I’ve been dying to visit.

While summer days at the beach are still just a dream in mid-May, I love using this sandy color palette as inspiration. Pastels work perfectly here, while touches of darker leather work to keep the outfit grounded. That striped linen tunic would be great for both the beach and for exploring a city. In other words, the perfect travel companion. The only things missing are an icy drink, and a wonderfully trashy novel!

Have you purchased a bathing suit for the season yet? I’ve been tempted many, many times while putting this post together.

  1. I haven’t bought a bathing suit yet… but I did buy an amazing tote from MK that would be perfect for carrying everything to the beach.

  2. Zoe

    Hello Sarah!

    This is Zoe from Greece! I am so glad to see pictures from my country that is going through a major economic and social crisis.

    Greek summer is amazing and I feel so blessed to live in this country. Clara should post some Greek recipes and you should visit!


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