Even though I’m pretty good about getting in my workouts year round, the warmer weather (and longer days!) make all the difference when it comes to motivating myself to get to the gym after work. The other thing that motivates me? Good workout wear. I’ve been a devoted Lululemon fan for several years now, and ironically enough, even though their stuff is on the pricier side- I’ve actually spent less on workout gear because the quality is so good. I own everything from tops to cropped pants to running skirts, so I thought I’d pull together a review of my favorite items.

Speed Short One of the things I love most about Lulu products are the waist bands- nice and thick, and they don’t dig into your sides. This is especially true on the speed shorts. I love these shorts in particular because they’re super easy to move around in but offer awesome coverage. They essentially have built in underwear that is surprising comfortable. Lastly, the little zipper pouch in the back? So awesome for storing your iPhone/iPod. Keeps my arms nice and free for running or weigh lifting. I have these in black.

Gather & Crow Crop Pant When I say these products are good quality- I mean they last. I’ve worn and washed these pants 100x and they still look amazing. Along with wide waist bands, the other thing I love most about Lulu products is how compact and tucked in they make me feel (if that makes any sense…). Sadly, they don’t have them in black right now, which is my color of choice. Lastly, no sweat lines here- most of their products are made of this “luon” fabric which magically wicks away sweat.

Wunder Under Crop My other fave pants by Lulu. I have these in black as well. They’re similar in fit to the pant above but great if I’m focusing on lower body work or doing yoga. Also, these pants make your butt look amazing. Not a necessity, but a phone bonus.

Power Up Tank On to tops! I’d own ever Lulu tank if I had unlimited funds, but I’m particularly fond of this one. I love a good racer back and any top that doubles as a bra is a win win in my book.

Pace Skirt Never in my life did I think I’d own a running skirt but leave it to these guys to make me want one. I tried one on one day on a whim and walked out spending, well, more than I planned (which is often the case in this store). Similar to the speed short these guys have built in underwear, making for awesome coverage, and have that thick waist band which is oh so comfy.

Right as Rain Jacket Totally not gym gear, but quite possible the best rain coat EVER. I saw a friend wearing this a few years ago and she told me she loved the jacket so much, she actually looked forward to the rain. I thought she was crazy, but then I got the jacket and now feel the same way. I wear it year round, though. It’s a great piece for the shifting of seasons, when it’s just a little chilly in the fall or not yet warm enough in the spring to go sans jacket. For some crazy reason it’s not on Lulu’s website right now, but I’ll keep you guys posted if I see it pop up again!

I think that about does it! One item you might notice that’s missing… sports bras. I actually love the Champion brand sports bras from Target. They’re super affordable and come in neon colors.

Are you guys Lulu fans? Where do you get your workout gear? I’d so love to hear. I’ve got a few items on my wish list for spring-  the No Limits Tank and Digni Tee to name a few- but really I’d take it all!


  1. I’ve actually never shopped at Lululemon, but I’ve tried Athleta for a few things. They have a great discount for fitness instructors - 30% off! (I teach yoga) Plus I love getting their catalogs - their models are fit, strong, and inspiring :) But for the most part, Target, Gap, and Old Navy have some great basics that fulfill most of my needs at a really good price. :) But, I’ve been reading a lot lately about having “less” (clutter, unnecessary items) by spending “more” on quality… so I find it interesting that you mentioned that.

  2. I love the coral pants! I need these to go running!


  3. I am a huge Lululemon fan and have a substantial collection of their stuff! I practically live in their shorts and tanks during my summer workouts and love their running pants in the winter. Their sports bras are my favorite. Their stuff isn’t cheap, but you’re right - it all seems to stand the test of time, making it worth it.

  4. I love to look at Lulu gear, but I just can’t make the purchase! I normally get all of my workout gear from Old Navy. I LOVE their compression capris, leggings and sports bras.

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