Unsurprisingly, the first part of this series was quite a hit -  apparently you guys love learning more about your favorite bloggers as much as we do! This week we’re thrilled to bring you Sarah Yates, who pens the blog, A House in the Hills. I’ve long believed that I’m a California girl at heart, so I especially admire her breezy outfit posts, fresh recipes, and beautiful aesthetic. Add in the fact that she’s a talented photographer and animal lover, and you have yourselves our latest girl crush!

Where did you grow up, and where did life lead you once you left?  I grew up in Portland, Maine but couldn’t wait to move west and into the sunshine!  Immediately following high school I moved to Burlington, VT where I spent 3 semesters at a liberal arts college and then after spending another year following that back in Portland I finally got it together and moved west to Santa Barbara, CA.  After 4 years in Santa Barbara I moved to San Diego, then Los Angeles and I recently moved to Palm Springs with my husband and our two dogs.  That’s the short (long?) and sweet of it!  

What do you love most about living in California? Do you prefer one coast over the other?  I love the weather, the laid back lifestyle and the abundance of avocados!  I definitely prefer living on the west coast, but I do have a place in my heart for east coast people.  And I miss the way the Atlantic ocean smells.

We love A House in the Hills- it embodies a sunny California lifestyle (and makes us want to jump on a plane!). What made you start blogging? Thank you! I started blogging because I wanted a place to share some of my loves and I wanted a creative space to talk about non-wedding things!  I was also envious of my blogger friends for the great internet community they formed, so I figured I’d better jump in!

You’re a (super talented) wedding photographer! What’s your favorite part about your job? How did you get into photography? Thank you again!! I have two favorite things:  the people and the travel.  Love both equally.   I’ve been photographing non stop since I was given a pink Barbie camera as a kid, but I really got serious about turning it into a career when I went to college.

How do you balance work and blogging? I don’t, I’m a mess!  But if you find out how, please let me know.

What’s your morning routine like?  It’s all about my husband and the dogs and a whole mess of cuddling.

What’s your evening routine like?  Taking the pups for a walk, making dinner, Bravo Tv and Pinterest.

How do you decompress?  My favorite way to check out of life is to spend an afternoon in our backyard listening to music, drinking sugary cocktails and splashing around in the pool.  

You dream weekend involves… a trip to the spa for a massage, a brunch date with my husband followed by a bike ride and a dinner party with friends.

Three products you can’t live without:  I can’t live without my running sneakers, my iphone and coconut oil (which I use for cooking, as shower gel, in lieu of moisturizer, as a lip balm and in my hair when the ends are feeling dry).

TV addictions:  I’m so embarrassed to admit this, but the Housewives on Bravo.  All of them.  And also, Homeland and Girls. 

Your guilty pleasure(s):  I have a massive sweet tooth, as evidenced by the amount of treats I post on my blog.  But the guilt isn’t in the sweets themselves, it’s really in the amount I consume at one time.

Most recent happy purchase: A Clare Vivier leopard fold over clutch 

Plans for this summer: My husband has a big birthday coming up in June so I’ll be planning the best party of our lives.  And then I’ll probably spend July recovering.  Hopefully we’ll sneak in a vacation and I’ll definitely do my fair share of lounging by the pool.  I can’t wait!!

Something about you most people wouldn’t realize or know:  I’m dying to move to Australia.  I think it might be the one place I could love more than California.

Thanks, Sarah! Can’t wait to see what’s next for you. (Also, there’s no shame in watching Bravo. None.)

  1. I’ve never read A House in the Hills, but after reading this I can’t wait to check it out. Great feature (oh, and I’m jealous of her ombre!).

  2. I LOVE her! And I love that she also uses coconut oil for everything.

  3. thanks so much for having me ladies!! xx

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