What I would give for this to be the scene outside my window right now. Instead I’m staring down a blustery snow storm and wondering if there’s some way I can conduct my meetings today from the comfort of my bed.  The chances are not looking good! I love this city but it’s this time of year- this month specifically (I’m looking at you March), where I start to dream about moving to the west coast. Can someone please send me some sun and a palm tree? In the mean time, here’s what’s on my mind and keeping me going!

  • I’m so ready to shed all my winter sweaters and throw on summer clothes. This sweet Camille dress in neon rose from J.Crew will be mine.
  • I’m headed out of town next weekend (thankfully to a much warmer climate!), and I’m really in need of some new sunglasses. I’ve be coveting these Karen Walker ones for so long. Cat eye glasses- yay or nay?
  • My mornings have felt really rushed this week, and I have not been making the best meal choices. Thinking I need a batch of Sarah’s Apricot Pecan Breakfast Bars to fix that habit.
  • I’ve really been drawn back to my yoga practice lately. I love doing the Body by Bethenny DVD at home. I know people have mixed feelings about her, but all that aside, this is one of the best at home yoga practices I’ve ever experienced- I’ve literally done it 100+ times and always feel like I’ve hit the reset button after it’s complete.
  • My hair has been kind of a disaster lately and I think it has something to do with my shampoo (Redken Blonde)- it’s causing SO much buildup. Any recommendations?
  • Did you guys see SMP Living launched? I’m especially loving this gorgeous post about Paris.
  • This was a pretty fun week on the blog- between the fried ravioli and comparison trap commandants- you guys had us smiling non-stop!

Thanks for such an awesome week- for your comments and for consistently supporting us. Hope you have the best of weekends! xx Clara

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  1. I LOVE the Body by Bethenny yoga DVD too-it’s really, really great, and no matter how tired/cranky/unmotivated I am when I press play, I’m always so glad I did it afterward. Such a great workout.

    Have a great weekend, Clara!

    • Clara

      Same! I love the number of chatarangas and downward dogs they have you do- I always feel so stretched out and my upper body feels nice and sore, and well worked, once I’m done. The best!

  2. That dress is divine!

  3. I love body by bethenny dvd! Her book - the skinny girl diet is also so great, i have the audio book on my ipod and hearing her talk about it is so entertaining, hah i love her despite all of the recent drama

    • Clara

      Oh my god- I bet I would LOVE the audio book!

    • Clara

      That is so helpful. Thanks, Monica!

  4. Hi! I actually tried on that J Crew dress, and it’s even more amazing in person- you should definitely get it! Unfortunately, I was between sizes, so it didn’t end up coming home with me. Also, for shampoo you should try Alterna from Sephora. Christin recommended it to me, and I’ve never loved a shampoo set so much!

  5. La Torontoise

    Clara, the West Coast question makes me think a lot…
    Actually, over the years in Toronto, it became an unavoidable companion of my life. To me, it felt the intensity of this question has been growing with my age… the March snow storms becoming harder and harder to ignore and the creative workarounds that the winter required from me just to move through my days were becoming increasingly more difficult to organize… The question of moving was preoccupying my mind to an extent that almost every day (after work) I struggled with the thought “I should do something… and I should do it *right now* “. And one day, in March 2004, I acted upon it, which brought me to France, to Nice, to the palms and the warm spring. Sitting in a street café, I was watching the world moving by along the shore boulevard, and it all made me feel absurd at the thought of my fur coat, boots and hat (that looked like artefacts from another planet). There was no stronger motivation that the palms and the sun, to start a job search and land in a warm location, on a more permanent basis…

  6. I’m so glad to hear you’re getting out of town to a warmer destination! I have to admit I’m a bit jealous as it’s freezing! Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. I was using the same shampoo for year and my hair was crappy, gummy and knotty! I color and highlight … often! I just switched to some cheap’o shampoo and I love it. Herbal Essences Honey … and I am using this deep conditioner once a week as well http://www.birchbox.com/shop/amika-obliphica-nourishing-hair-mask - my hair is in great shape now! I just ordered the amika hair oil - will keep you posted!

  8. Hi Clara - have you ever tried the Nioxin hair care line? It’s a scalp therapy treatment - I use the normal hair version and I absolutely love it. It leaves my scalp and hair feeling (and looking) great. It has a wonderful minty scent and tingle too, which I adore. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Clara

      I have not! I’ll definitely have to try that. Hope you enjoy your weekend as well!

  9. I ordered the Camille Dress and LOVE it. Also maybe try Pureology’s products; I recently switched to their blonde products and I have been impressed!

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