This week was all about getting back into my routine, on all fronts. Being out of my routine makes me realize how much comfort I get from my daily rituals. Things like my quiet coffee time in the morning or nighttime skin routine seem so trivial in everyday life, but when I’m away from those patterns for an extended period of time it becomes very clear how important they are to me. Does that ever happen to you?

Beyond that, it’s Easter! My family’s coming down for an early Easter brunch this Saturday. I’m making this swiss chard and egg casserole, a tossed green salad, and this blueberry coffee cake. Are you guys cooking anything special? I’ve got a few recipe recs below if you’re in need of some! Let’s get to it:

  • Did you know you could poach an egg in olive oil? I had no idea, but am totally hooked on the idea after seeing this drool worthy tutorial on Oh Joy.
  • If I weren’t making eggs, I’d be all over this Nutella Stuffed French Toast for an insanely delicious Easter Brunch.
  • My dear friend Rebecca officially opened her online shop for her new textiles line. I’m so amazed by all she’s accomplished with her new business!
  • As someone just getting into the world of face oils, I loved this roundup the Glitter Guide put together of great oils to make your skin glow.
  • I’m completely obsessed with anything covered in Buffalo sauce, so these Crispy Buffalo Oven Fries are going straight to the top of my to make list.
  • Even though it’s still chilly we’ve had lots of sunny days and blue skies in NYC this week- so thankful for that.
  • I’m consistently inspired by everything that Bri from DesignLoveFest does, but I was particularly wowed by this post and graphic she put together for where to eat in her neighborhood of Silver Lake. I very much foresee doing something fun like this for Williamsburg!
  • And in case you need a little more Easter/weekend brunch inspiration… Spinach & Feta in Puff Pastry, Pomegranate Scones , and Scrambled Egg & Avocado Breakfast Sandwiches.

Have  a great weekend friends, see you on Monday! xx

Image Source: Camille Styles

  1. I love swiss chard, so now I’m totally looking to try that recipe you just mentioned. YUM! Hope you have a happy weekend! :)

  2. Those are some great Easter potentials :) I sort of kind of want them now, but I guess I can wait a few more days!

  3. La Torontoise

    Hey, my mother made the recipe of feta and spinach in puff pastry! We have a ritual to do this on festive sundays, but because it’s Easter we had it today.
    Have a great Easter time!
    P.S. Unfortunately, where I am now it is snowing:-(
    It’s colder than in Toronto:-) and I’m dreaming of the palm threes and the blue sky…

  4. Sounds like you have a fun Saturday planned! I hope it’s a wonderful weekend with the family.
    And of course, thank you so much for linking to my site!!

  5. Great links! I had no idea that you could poach an egg in olive oil, but it’s happening soon. Sounds delicious! And I love that graphic by Bri! I’m doing a wedding down in Silverlake in October, so I’ll need to try a few of these places when I get down there. Thanks for sharing! xox

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