Weekend wishes 9

Care for: your hair (This winter weather is seriously drying out my hair. I’m also way overdue for a trim, which certainly doesn’t help. This weekend I’m going to try out a coconut oil treatment, and maybe get around to scheduling that haircut. Do you have any hair secrets?)

Eat: Avocados (This is one of my favorite foods, but I tend to crave it most in warmer months. I loved this roundup of avocado recipes from Camille, and it gave me some great new ideas of how to eat them)

Watch: The Oscars, of course! (Are you having a viewing party? I think popcorn is must, and dressed- up caramel corn is a perfect match for such a glamorous event)

  1. My hair tips - try to wash your hair less (I usually go at least 3 days, if not 4, between washes. Thank goodness for dry shampoo!), and use Moroccan Oil - it helps keep my hair so soft and silky. I’m intrigued by the idea of a coconut oil treatment - let us know what you end up doing!

  2. Ooo that avocado dish looks good!! I have to eat more them…the recipes sound delicious!! I’m watching the oscars too!!

  3. On the coconut oil treatment - go for it! I grew up in the Philippines and we had coconut trees in our garden. As a child, my mom would put freshly extracted coconut oil or coconut milk on my hair/scalp and leave it on for about a half hour or so (less is fine too). Then I wash it off with regular shampoo. Pardon the self-promotion but people still compliment me on my shiny hair, but I say it’s thanks to coconut oil :) I still use coconut oil now, every 1-2 weeks. Trader Joe’s sells virgin coconut oil; I’ve also used the Nutiva brand which you can get at Amazon (both the TJ’s one and Nutiva are sourced from the Philippines). It’s really good for your scalp too. I can’t claim to know that it works for any hair texture (I have black, medium thickness Asian hair), but give it a try!

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