I’ve been meaning to have new pictures taken for both the blog, and my business site for ages, and I’m beyond thrilled to finally share them with you guys! After drooling over the gorgeous shots on Grace and Alicia’s sites, I decided to work with the amazing Lydia Hudgens. Lydia was such a dream- she put me (and Sarah) at complete ease. We’ve already got a handful of other shoots planned that I’m really excited about. I wouldn’t say full on outfit posts- more so day in the life features. That said, I’ve noted all the clothing pieces below since I figured folks would ask!

It’s been a good week, a combo of getting stuff done at home and feeling on top of work again. Here’s a snapshot:

  • I made some really good but super easy dinners this week. The most notable one was a sausage and peppers creation inspired by Tracy. I thinly sliced a yellow onion and two peppers and tossed them in a bit of olive oil, balsamic, and salt and pepper. I threw four Italian sausages on top, cranked the oven to 400°, and roasted the whole thing for 18 minutes . I then removed the sausages and roasted the veggies for another 10 minutes. Served everything over rice with a salad on the side- this was such a good dinner! Depending on the size of your sausages, I’d check the time around minute 15. You could also throw everything in a bun and make sandwiches…. mmmm.
  • The women at Ladies’ Home Journal sent me the most gorgeous flowers. I have the best clients!
  • I found this article about companies recruiting former female employees who left when they started having children pretty fascinating. I think my next Biz Notes post is going to be around some of my reasons on working for myself in relation to motherhood… yep, definitely on my mind.
  • Did you catch Lauren’s first post? She’s got you covered for any at home Oscar party prep on both the snack and outfit front.
  • The importance of relaxation when it comes to being more productive- amazing. Now I just need to book a vacation…
  • Did you know it’s national grapefruit month? I’m planning to celebrate by making Ina’s Pink Grapefruit Margaritas.

Ok I think that should do us. Any fun plans for the Oscars? Thanks so much for reading this week, have a great weekend everyone! xx

Clothing: J.Crew Sweater, J.Crew Boots, J.Brand Jeans (similar), J.Crew necklace and scarf (a few years old), Michael Kors Watch
Photography by Lydia Hugdens

  1. Beautiful photos - the setting is lovely with all of the ivy. Excited to see the other photos you shot!

    • Clara

      You’re too kind! xx

  2. These shots came out stunning–I love seeing more of you up here! And now I’ve added those boots to my wish list!

    • Clara

      Thank you, Alyssa! Means so much to hear you say that- you’re definitely going to see more of me in the coming months :)

  3. today is national margarita day so def make that recipe! sounds yummy. happy weekend!

  4. Hi Clara,
    Beautiful pictures! Really lovely : )
    I’m also going to try Tracy’s sausages. They sound yummy - and easy!

    Love, love, loving your blog! xo


  5. You look gorgeous, Clara! I have those jcrew boots in 2 colors- ha! I live in them. Also, errr thanks for mentioning it’s national grapefruit month 😉

    • Clara

      Ha! Ironically enough it was FREEZING in NYC on this day and by the end of the shoot my face literally hurt :). Glad it at least doesn’t show…

  6. Lovely, Clara! The smiling photo is my fave :) xx

  7. You look beautiful! Love how the photos came out!!

  8. Clara- great pictures! I remember the night you talked about getting these taken & they turned out AMAZING! You look gorgeous. Great article re: the co hiring former employees back - so interesting. XO

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