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Have you noticed that metallic heels seem to be a ‘thing’ now? I saw a pair a few weeks ago, and now they appear to be popping up all over. At first glance, I loved them, as I do all things shiny, but assumed they would be just another fashion trend I could never pull off. Now I realize that they’re kind of absolutely perfect on their own, and don’t require much else from an outfit except a few classic pieces. The metallics sprinkled throughout bring everything to life, creating a subtle but bold overall look- perfect for a party. The simplistic styling makes the outfit more attainable, while still retaining a festive feel.

What do you think- ready to slap on a gold shoe? I’d personally love to sip champagne in this outfit!

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  1. I love the idea of pairing them with simplistic pieces - definitely something I would try!

  2. LOVE the gold shoe- although not sure I would be daring enough to mix with the silver. I”m a purist like that- either all gold accessories or all silver ones. But I especially love the metallic/ floral print combo- will have to try soon :)

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