Weekend wishes 9


Get creative : with vegetables (I haven’t been making very many exciting dishes lately, so it’s time to get inspired, and try something new! Also, I think many people may have added improved diet to their New Year’s list. There’s so much more than salad- try these poblano and portobello fajitas!)

Look: forward for the New Year (It’s the first weekend of the year, and it’s a great time to decide what you’re hoping to accomplish in the next year. What new things do you want to try? Pick some things to check off your life list. I had my first ‘check’ yesterday by finally making it to Balthazar)

Bring: Fresh flowers inside (Now that your tree is out of your living room, it’s a great time to freshen up your decor a bit. Flowers remind me that spring is near)

  1. oh i love the idea of fresh flowers in the bedroom - why don’t i do that more often?!

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