I had big plans yesterday to hunker down and finalize my editorial calendar for the month of January, as well as iron out a few new blog series floating around in my head for 2013, but  I just wasn’t ready to fully relinquish my vacation. So instead, I spent  a few more hours on the couch, fulfilling my vacation goal to watch every episode of Parenthood to date, and finished ringing in the new year with a leisurely brunch at Cookshop. I realize I hardly ever (or more like never) talk about restaurants here on CC. There’s two main reasons for that. One, when I go out to eat or have someone else cooking for me I just want to enjoy the food and not document! And two, I mostly eat out at night and it’s dark, and I’m a stickler for good lighting in food photos. But. But. Yesterday I was feeling up to it. The Cookshop is one of my favorite restaurants in all of NYC. Admittedly I’m a bit biased as it’s a mere three blocks from my Dad’s apartment in Chelsea, so part of the reason I’ve been there oh 20+ times is shear convenience. But I truly think they have some of the best food and service in the city. And the best part? They always deliver. I’m consistently blown away by their menu, dishes, and sweet staff every time I’ve gone. That and they take reservations, an NYC rarity. I actually went twice in the last week. First on the day after Christmas (my dad’s birthday), and because it was so good yet again, told Brandon we had to go for a New Year’s day brunch. So that’s what we did!

If you’re visiting NYC and planning to go The High Line, the Cookshop is right near the 20th street entrance- perfect for a pre or post High Line walk meal. Here’s what we ate…


  1. ah those pics totally sold me - and delivery in the city is key!

  2. Parenthood is such a good show, it always makes me think and cry. Happy New Year!

  3. Oh yum! Looks so delicious! I was in NYC for only 2 days and just had enough time to eat pizza. I think on my next visit I will have to make time for this! There are so many delicious restaurants in NYC!

  4. Wow, your brunch looks amazing! I must try that restuarant the next time I visit NYC.

    Happy New Year!


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