Happy Thanksgiving planning, friends! Are you ready for Thursday yet? Are you excited, or feeling a bit of a time crunch? Thanksgiving is always at my family’s house every year, so I think that keeps stress to a minimum for us. We tend to use the same recipes, and since it’s only close family and friends, there isn’t really a need to impress anyone! The new dish that I’m really excited to make this year is this ‘potato chip’ roast. I don’t think that needs too much explaining..

One thing I’m always in charge of is the table. Ours is always pretty casual and a bit rustic. I hope to use the setting above as inspiration for this year, and I love the way the flowers, white plates, and silver accents keep everything from feeling too heavy. I love oranges, reds and browns as much as the next person, but when the meal already incorporates these autumn colors, I think some contrast is a good thing. I really can’t get enough of that flower arrangement! What part of the holiday are you most looking forward to this year?

1. plate, 2. roaster, 3. runner, 4. vases, 5. serving set, 6. silverware

Image credits: table, potatoes, name card, tart

  1. OOo I am smitten with that copper roaster! Gorgeous gorgeous! Do post about your potato chip roast when you have a chance! Would love to know how you like it!

  2. These are gorgeous inspiration pictures. You’ve inspired me to step it up this year!

    The Glossy Life

    • Yay! so happy to hear that!

  3. La Torontoise

    Wonderful pictures. I’m reading Helene’s book on Food Photography and I’m so inpired by the 4 pictures at the top of this post. The first one vividly captures the spirit of the day!
    Thank you for sharing!!
    All the best, M.

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