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Happy Thanksgiving eve! I’m currently parked in my mom’s kitchen, chopping ingredients and prepping dishes in between answering emails and wrapping up work before the holiday. With the post turkey shopping extravaganza right around the corner, I wanted to squeeze in the first edition of the CC Holiday gift guide! I had so much fun putting this together for you guys. When it comes to gifts for friends and family that love to spend time in the kitchen, I gravitate towards classic items that are multi-functional, with a few eclectic pieces thrown in. There’s a mix of investment pieces perfect for close family and friends (hello dreamy Le Creuset…), and other items that would make great hostess and secret santa gifts (don’t miss that birch branch votive!). I’ve got my eye on that snow globe salt shaker (100% necessary), and the gold rimmed glasses from West Elm. What about you guys?

Any must have kitchen items I need to know about? Do tell!

  1. That mug is beautiful and surprisingly tall! I love to give and receive kitchen gadgets!

  2. Great list and I love the glasses. I have been eyeing some at another store; but, they are more justifiable at WE. Thanks for being proactive on this list - I am sure we will all appreciate it!!

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