If someone were to ask what your favorite food was right now, do you know what your answer would be? It seems like a simple enough question. However,  when I was in college, my friends asked me this, and I simply didn’t have an answer for them. There are so many foods I enjoy, so how could I pick just one? At this point, I think my answer is Mexican food in general. Well, that and s’mores, which may or may not count as actual food. (In my mind, they count!)  In recent years, I’ve come to love spicy food, and I’m fairly certain if I could eat guacamole every day for the rest of my life, I would be perfectly content.

This week seems very appropriate to feature a Mexican fiesta, as the weather on the East Coast is very fitting for succulents and cacti. In other words, NYC is currently quite hot! Nevertheless, summer is a perfect time for icy-cold margaritas and spicy tacos. My favorite taco recipe is found here, except I substitute soft flour tortillas. As a testament to this recipe, it’s not uncommon for it to show up once a week in my house. Finally, Mexican chocolate ice cream is a perfect ending, and a welcome answer for dessert.

1. Mexican chocolate, 2. molcajete, 3. salt keeper, 4. tablecloth, 5. succulents, 6. plate

Image Credits: table, tacos, ice cream, margaritas

  1. Jon ORourke

    your photographs are fantastic

  2. Looks delicious! I love mexican, bring on the guac!

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