A few weeks ago, The Everygirl reached out to me for a food feature. I was beyond thrilled and decided that since we were experiencing record high summer temps, an icy cool treat was in order. Head on over and check out three popsicle recipes I put together for them- there’s a Mango Coconut Creamsicle, a Vanilla Bean and Blackberry Yogurt pop, and a Boozy Blueberry pop. The recipes require only a few ingredients, making them really easy to throw together- perfect to round out your 4th of July vacation or just make this weekend! Hope yours is a great one!

  1. Clara, these look so refreshing! I have been meaning to buy a popsicle mold for a while now, but haven’t found any that I like. However, I think I saw this exact mold in Crate & Barrel the other day, so I might have to go back and buy it so I can start making delicious frozen creations like these!

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