We’re mixing things up a bit this Friday and, as a result, I have a fun little DIY project for you! I’ll be the first to admit that I have a slight obsession with gold accents. Too much is a bad thing, but just a touch of gold can brighten up a whole outfit or room. Clara and I recently stopped into ABC Carpet & Home in the City, and we spotted some white and gold ceramic pieces which were partly the inspiration for this project. This DIY is very easy to do, and the result manages to be playful yet sophisticated at the same time.


1. Pick a design and, if desired, sketch it onto your piggy bank with pencil

2. Shake the gilding liquid well, and pour a tiny bit onto an old jar lid

3. Dip the end of your skewer or toothpick into the liquid and draw out your design

Hints: The gilding liquid dries pretty quickly, so you will have to pour out more every once in a while. Also, it likes to separate, so keep it well shaken.

That’s it! Enjoy your new piggy, and start saving up for that new pair of shoes!

Inspiration Images: wallpaper, bowl, pig

Product images: 1. liquid gilding, 2. pig, 3. skewers


  1. This is very cute! You did a great job drawing those flowers.

    • That means so much, coming from you, Erin! Thanks guys!

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