One of the best things about our neighborhood is the Bedford Cheese Shop. It’s a cheese lover’s dream! I find myself there at least once if not twice every week sampling cheeses and bringing home new creamy discoveries.  They have a huge selection of cheeses from all over the world as well as everything else you could need to pair with your cheese- great bread, olives, cured meats, local jams and honey, olive oil… the list goes on!

What I love most about their shop is that you can sample any of  the cheeses before you purchase them. I always try to get something new, and then pick up one of our favorites. The thing is, I was having so much trouble remembering the cheese I had previously purchased. All the names are totally unique and often quite long! There was no way I could remember them, so I started keeping track. Here’s my method: when I first get the cheese home I photograph the label with my phone, then after tasting it I go to my notepad app and jot down a few words describing the cheese. Then, when I’m back at the shop choosing our cheese for the week I just review the photos and my notes before making my selection. It’s so helpful!

Are you guys crazy about cheese too? Do you have any favorites? This week I picked up a Charmoix, a raw cow’s milk cheese from Belgium that has a smokey bacon like flavor. I have a feeling this may become our new favorite.

  1. Um…can we go there next time we visit? Please?

  2. I will have to include this stop the next time I’m in the city! I {heart} fromage!!

    • You’d love it! They informed me they’re opening of a location in Manhattan this winter, so certainly check that out before your trip!

  3. Cheese is my weakness. Love getting around with your posts.

    • Thank you! Glad to see you back here today :)

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  5. avian101

    Hello Clara,
    I love cheese with passion! Just looking at the photos I think I gained a couple of pounds and my cholesterol is shooting up! :)
    Karen Chandler forgot to describe how good you are at teasing us with
    those delicious products!

  6. Haha thank you! It wasn’t intentional, but I can understand the temptation. I’m still looking at the photos thinking of all the things I need to go back and buy!

  7. I would love to visit this shop! We have a good selection at our local Whole Foods markets, but nothing like the Bedford! I recently tried a raw cow’s milk cheese I loved, but don’t remember the name. I can find it again, though. I remember the colors on the label!

    • When we lived in DC, I went to Whole Foods all the time for cheese. I think they have a pretty good selection! You must tell me the know of the raw cow one- I’m addicted to them after trying the Charmoix last night.

  8. I love cheese stores! Everyone is always so nice and there are so many new cheeses to try. I went to the one at the Sunset Junction last weekend in LA and I can’t wait to go back!

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