Good morning! And happy Saturday! Hope you’re all enjoying a restful and relaxing weekend.  Given that you may be doing some holiday shopping across the next two days, I thought it would be the perfect time to share my next idea book on Houzz.  If you didn’t catch my post about Houzz last month, I’m now a contributing writer for their kitchen products section.  My piece this month is a holiday gift guide for all the food lovers and cooks in your life. I had so much fun picking out these pieces! I hope they spark some ideas for your holiday shopping. I’d love to have any one of these items under my tree.

Do you have any good gift ideas? Please share and I’m happy to add them to my idea book!

Ps: Last month’s idea book- holiday entertaining.

  1. The measuring cups and slate cheese boards are my favorites! I enjoyed your descriptions of all the items, Clara!

    • Thanks, Karen! I’m so glad you liked the descriptions- very sweet of you to read.

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