This past Sunday we had brunch at Bayou Bakery, a relatively new restaurant in our area.  I’d been for lunch and was totally won over by their pimento grilled cheese sandwich, so I was  fully anticipating their brunch to be a knockout.

Their beignets were amazing, a delightful powdered sugar mess.

Despite their focus on Southern food, their granola was some of the best I’ve ever had. Super sticky and crunchy, almost caramelized in nature.

They’re clearly capable of a mean latte- a crucial brunch skill.

And lastly, the biscuit breakfast sandwiches.  Their biscuits were everything you hope for- buttery and moist.  But the contents?  I was completely dismayed by their use of pre-cooked eggs.  Talk about a brunch faux pas.

  1. Kate

    The beignets were so freakin’ good. Could have had five of those suckers.

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