Today wasn’t the warmest spring day we’ve had thus far, but it was the first opportunity I had to get together with friends after work and enjoy happy hour outside.  I met up with two close college friends at Logan Tavern and enjoyed an array of goodies- crispy ginger calamari, parmesan stuffed bacon wrapped dates (swoon!), and  a spinach goat cheese salad. I also had my first rose in months.  The evening felt light and airy.  Quite possibley the best thing about Logan Tavern is its proximity to Pitango Gelato.  It was only natural to stop there after our meal before heading home. This evening also marked my first ice cream cone of the season.  I couldn’t be happier.

I have the absolute best visitors coming this weekend.  They love food just as much as I do, so there will be much eating.  Hope your weekend is just as wonderful.

  1. ahhh that first picture makes me happy :)
    i found your blog from joy’s.
    your pb granola looks fantastic, can’t wait to see more recipes from you!

    • Thank you, Katie! It’s been a busy week, but I’ll have more recipes next week…

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