I was pretty darn PUMPED when Sarah tagged me in this series. My pre-vacation overworked brain is complete mush and my blog inspiration is waning a little. So why not ring in Wednesday and tell you some random things about myself? Proof of my useless brain rests in the fact that I actually played the “Coffee Talk” game wrong and answered the questions Sarah posed to her readers, not the actual series questions. But such is life! They’re random qs none the less. Let’s do this:

1. What is your dream job? Hmmm I do love my current job, but I kind of see dream jobs as the jobs you obsessed over as a kid. Like wanting to be an actress or fireman and astronaut. My brother wanted to be an ice cream truck driver so he could sample all the ice cream, naturally. I, as cliché as it is, wanted to be a Broadway star or ballerina. Both would be preferable. And this is totally still my dream, let’s be clear on that. Apart from that, I’d say having my own product line or store is a bit of a pipe dream right now. We’ll see!

2. Favorite city in the U.S.?  You all know that I love New York, but I though it’d be more fun to share a few other cities I love, and those include San Francisco and Chicago. San Francisco for the food and balance of indoor/outdoor life, and Chicago for its livability. Such a great city and so affordable to live there! Err.. at least more affordable than New York. Also, I’m really hoping to make my way to Austin soon.

3. Favorite Artists? This one’s easy. My dad! Above is a pic of his opening in Italy we attended last fall.

4. Do you collect anything, and if so what? As someone who doesn’t love having a lot of things, I don’t have traditional collections. But I will say I work to collect quality pots and pans, i.e. all Le Creuset and All-Clad. And perhaps one day some Mauviel….

5. Favorite newly discovered band? Ha! I’m the worst with music. I mostly listen to radio stations on Spotify, but “Josh Henegar” who I found via Simple Mom makes awesome playlists. He introduces me to all kinds of artists I’d never find otherwise.

6. Most visited websites/blogs as of late: I’ve been really into Levo League lately, such a good resource for career driven ladies. I loved their recent piece on How to Navigate the Burnout Zone. I get lost in all their articles.

Aaaand now I tag Erin, Jen, Jacquelyn, Mandy.  Answer all questions above chicas!

Image Credits: Ballet shoes, San Francisco, All Clad, Girl at Desk

I can’t believe my trip to Mexico has almost arrived! It’s mildly terrifying how fast the year has gone, but if it gets me closer to my vacation, I’ll take it. I’m particularly excited about this trip because I will not be taking my laptop. You read right, no laptop for four whole days! I’m already starting to feel anxiety about this, but I’m going to power through. The world will keep turning without me on my laptop for a long weekend. So between the plane and beach I’ve got lots of time to read. Here’s what I’ve got on tap… Read more »

Saturday morning, as I lay in bed, trying furiously to sleep in but happy enough to just kind of be in a half sleep wrapped in our new bedding, I got to thinking about why I love to cook. When I have a particularly draining week, I often think to myself “Shouldn’t I just lay on the couch all weekend and veg? Wouldn’t that be best for restoring my energy?”  I do want to veg. I want to veg for approximately three to four hours, the time is takes for me to watch all the television I missed during the week. But that’s usually done with by Friday night or Saturday morning (yes, this girl stays in most Friday nights). And shortly thereafter I get the urge to cook, to make my weekly pilgrimage to the farmer’s market and grocery store, taking my time as I sort through the items on my list, and then heading home to spend hours in the kitchen… filling my home with good smells, and good food.

To me, homemade food is love. I love to cook for others and have others cook for me. I love spending hours in my kitchen on the weekend with multiple pots bubbling and a podcast or good movie soundtrack humming in the background. And I love the way my fridge feels when it’s filled with ready to go, good for us food and leftovers. It makes me feel back on track and like all is right in my world. It restores me.

So even though my lower back sometimes gets tired from standing at the counter for so long, or my eyes relentlessly sting from chopping onions, cooking is energizing. It’s my safe place and where I want to go every weekend. This soup is where I went this weekend, and it’s so incredibly good. Here’s to a great week!

Ps: Sun Dried Tomato Soup, Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup, and Tomato Soup with Grilled Cheese Croutons

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I’m not gonna lie, I am so excited to see this week come to a close. It was a doozy! Note to self: preparing for an in home photo shoot will take over your life and take one hundred times longer than you think. That is the truth right there. Anyway… thankfully my weekend has next to nothing on tap except for cozying up with my latest Bon Appétit issues and making lots of soups and stews and warm yummy things for dinner. It finally got cold this week! And I love it. I’m craving things like butternut squash, lasagna, homemade bread… do you feel me? Despite the chaos, here are a few things on my mind this week:

I hope you have an incredibly relaxing weekend- I’m definitely going to be focusing on these practices. Cheers! xx

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