{From our trip to Italy in 2012}

Well, first off, thank you guys! If you chimed in yesterday I so appreciate it. I love learning about all of you out there, instead of just being the one always talking about myself. If you haven’t had a chance yet, check out yesterday’s post and leave a little note so I can learn more about you as a reader.

Now. You may have noticed that there hasn’t been any sort 2012 in review and New Year’s resolutions post around here. The latter portion is simply because I don’t really believe in resolutions and find it’s better for me to be conscious and take note of changes I want to make in my life throughout the year, rather than on one specific date. I definitely used to be the kind to pump out a laundry list of resolutions, all of which never actually happened! That said, given where everyone’s head is at this time of year, I do plan to spend some time in January talking about my philosophies on eating, exercise, maintaining balance in my life, and what not. I’m definitely not a master of it all, but feel pretty at peace with those departments of my life- and would love to share.

The 2012 in review? Given the fact that January 1st, 2013 marked CC’s second birthday warrants even more of a reason to do a post of this kind! But truthfully, I was just more eager to look ahead. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want CC to be in 2013. Yesterday’s post was part of that, and I’ve also been spending some time just sort of reflecting on the blog itself. The blog world has changed a lot and I have a pretty solid feeling we’re going to experience some even bigger changes this year. But with all of that, I find myself really drawn back to my roots- food. I want to spend more time in the kitchen, share more recipes, and just in general bring us back to food. I’m also eager to keep talking about running your own business, with a new focus on blogging, and hopefully serving as  a resource for you on all on that. But. There is one key change I want to make, and that is to work on getting out from behind the camera and showing more of me on this blog! Pictures of me cooking instead of just photos of the food, more pics from everyday life, and so on. I happen to be the least photogenic person in the world, but am ready to work on that! So that’s the plan. Til then, have a fabulous weekend. xx

  1. cynthia

    LOL Fishing for compliments? Clara, you are beautiful in every way possible! Your kindness comes through in everything you write, and that is why you have so many devoted followers. You truly do ‘Channel Contessa’, because that is why we all love Ina so much . . . like you, she is just as lovely on the inside as she is on the outside! Keep up the great work and have a wonderfully happy, prosperous, and healthy 2013!

    • Clara

      Oh goodness, hardly! I should have prefaced that comment by telling you guys how many times I had to take the shots for this site in order to get good ones! But thanks for the sweet words :). xx

  2. My dear, you are much more photogenic than you give yourself credit for. Beautiful, in fact. Looking forward to CC in 2013 and seeing more of the gorgeous you!

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