Raise your hand if you’re obsessed with grain bowls. Did you raise it? Because I raised both hands.

Here’s how my Sundays have gone down for the past few months: go to the farmer’s market or Whole Foods and stock up on the vegetables and herbs that look best, pick up whatever protein I’m craving – fish, shrimp, chicken, or sometimes just eggs, make sure I’m stocked up on a grain like wheat berries or quinoa, and finally, ensure I have the proper ingredients for a zingy sauce. Then I come home and transform all those things into a ridiculously delicious grain bowl. And then I eat that bowl aaaallll week long.

I kid you not, this has gone down for MONTHS. I can’t stop. It’s in part due to Read more »


Oh HEY, July. How blissful is this summer? I hope you’re savoring every last bit!

A couple weeks back I polled you guys on Instagram to see if you were interested in learning about my 30-day sugar detox. There was a resounding yes, so today I’m sharing my reasons behind doing the detox, my approach, the results, and my plan moving forward.

Before launching into this, I want to make clear I’m by no means a health professional, nor did I follow any specific guide, book, or online program. I crafted an approach that would work for me, and that’s what I’m sharing. Whatever efforts you’re making to improve your health, I hope it helps. Ok…let’s get to it.

Overall, I’m a very healthy eater. My regular diet consists of a lot of fruits and vegetables, healthy fats, complex grains, and lean protein. But then there’s sugar. Read more »