Even though I’m back to rockin’ the corporate life again, I have such a soft spot for folks who have bravely launched their own venture. Case in point, my dear friends behind the company Green Blender. Green Blender is an organic smoothie delivery service based in NYC. But instead of receiving pre-made smoothies (which don’t really ever taste good), you have all the pre-portioned ingredients for five original smoothies delivered right to your door every week. So that moment in the morning when you’re rushing to get work and would really love to not grab a bagel but don’t have the time to chop, measure, and blend a smoothie? Now you can. And you can do it 5 days a week. Or more! Each Green Blender box provides 10 servings.

Pretty brilliant, right? And we’re not talking banana and strawberry smoothies. With flavors like Pomegranate Orange Creamsicle, Chai Spice Almond, and Candied Cayenne Sweet Potato, it’s literally impossible to get bored. Each smoothie is also packed with superfoods and add-ins like chia seeds, flaxseed, goji berries, acai berries, matcha, cacao nibs, and much more. If you’re not salivating yet, something might be very wrong.

The other week I made a guest appearance on their blog and shared how I indulge in my health. Pop on over to learn how I make the time and take the time to eat well on a consistent basis, why neon matters so much when it comes to getting myself to the gym, and a few more fun facts. And if you’re interested in joining Green Blender, you can do so right here. Delivery is a little limited to the Northeast, Boston, and DC right now, but they’re quickly expanding.

Happy Tuesday, friends! xx Clara

  1. This is such a cool business idea. Definitely beats getting the premade stuff or trying to make your own and it not turning out to well. If they shipped to Pittsburgh I would be so in!

    Sunday Brunch

  2. Mary

    I just made the Pineapple Express smoothie :-) I made a few subs though - baby spinach for the kale (left over from last nights Valentine’s Day dinner) and mint sauce for the fresh mint (saw it on the shelf at the grocers just now and thought hey, why not?).

    It’s refreshing and you don’t realize that it’s the undertones of mint until you stop to think about it. Definitely a make-again!!

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