1. Sounds like your new apartment is going to drum up all kinds of fun for you! I’m so envious of your close proximity to Central Park and all of the museums. Those were some of my favorite spots when I visited NYC!

    • Clara

      You’re welcome to visit anytime! xo

  2. I love these graphics you are doing each month! I’ms o on board with the play part, I need to remember to stop working and just play sometimes! : )

    • Clara

      I’m so glad! I’m now using Soul Cycle to justify my play time…

    • Clara

      Thanks so much, Abby!

    • Clara

      They’ll most definitely be lots of snapshots! Many home tours to come…

  3. I didn’t know you moved! Sounds like you live nearby to me now…such a great area. Like you said, close proximity to the Park, the museums, and best of all, Laduree :) Ooh, and The Meatball Shop. Enjoy!

    • Clara

      Yep! In mid March. It’s such a treat to be right by the park!

  4. linda delaney

    Sounds like you are near the area where Jim and I stay every year for the US OPEN. We love the upper west side and hang out at those same museums when we are there, take a morning walk in the park and soul cycle is right next to our hotel plus of great places to eat in the neighborhood. Very excited for you!

    • Clara

      Ooooh next time you’re in the city, Linda, we’ll have to go to Soul together!

  5. Sounds like you live in the perfect location. With summer coming up, there are always so many fun things happening in NYC too. Enjoy! xo Cannot wait to see what sandwich you decide to make.

  6. Very nice plan! Sounds ideal to me :) Enjoy the springtime!

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