When I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 am last Friday and stumbled into a cab headed for the airport, I was doubtful 72 hours in Mexico could feel like enough. But thankfully I was oh so wrong! With a direct flight from NYC and short trip from the airport to the hotel, we had our feet in the sand before noon on Friday. For the next three days it was a blissful cycle of breakfast, beach, pool, lunch, pier jumping, endless cocktails, and dips in the heated pool and hot tub. This is how every bachelorette party should be. Hands down.

We stayed at the Blue Diamond Riviera Maya, which I found through Jetsetter. I love how all their hotels are thoroughly vetted. As someone who’s pretty anti- all inclusive (the food is somewhat of a risk…), I cannot recommend the hotel enough. It was perfect for our stay!

Here are a few pics from our trip if you’d like to see…. and hey, tomorrow is April! Spring is truly almost here.

IMG_4848IMG_4936 IMG_4822 IMG_4924 IMG_4827 IMG_4834 IMG_4839 photo-(8)IMG_4853 IMG_4846 IMG_4817 IMG_4860 IMG_4868 IMG_4887 photo-(9)

  1. Oh my!!!!! That water! I’m such a big fan of Mexico. Love the color of your nails too!

    • Clara

      Thanks, Andi! It was my manicurist that convinced me to go hot pink :)

    • Clara

      It’s the best! Very good for a healing heart :)

  2. Um, this looks completely blissful. So jealous of your mini-vacation!

    • Clara

      That’s the perfect word- pure bliss!

  3. Wow gorgeous pictures! Makes me want to get away ASAP!

    • Clara

      Aaaah you are going to have the BEST time!!!

  4. This looks like paradise. I wouldn’t mind a short trip there right about now!
    xo Andrea

    • Clara

      You totally should, Andrea! Best money I’ve spent in a long time.

  5. These beautiful photos have me feeling full-fledged desire for the beach. Thank goodness my Thailand trip is just one month from tomorrow! I love your bathing suit, and that nail polish is killer! Glad to hear you had a good time!

    • Clara

      Aaaah Thailand! I’m dying to go there. You’ll have to snap lots of pics. xx

  6. Cecilia

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing the sunshine!

    • Clara

      You’re so welcome, Cecilia!

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